Every NFL Team’s New Year’s Resolution for 2015

January 1, 2015 - table lamp

Accept a satisfaction prize

For a small while it seemed like a Tennessee Titans were going to have their collect of a spawn in a NFL draft. 

They had a detriment good in palm opposite a Indianapolis Colts, while a Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed on lane to kick a New Orleans Saints in Week 17. The Bucs wised up, however, and landed that tip collect with a late collapse.

That still leaves a Titans with a No. 2 collect in a draft. What they do with it will substantially figure a authorization for a subsequent decade.

Assuming a Buccaneers name a quarterback during No. 1—Oregon’s Marcus Mariota comes with a best multiple of talent and character, creation him a expected choice—the Titans should have no qualms holding a satisfaction esteem during a position.

Sure, Florida State’s Jameis Winston comes with copiousness of off-field doubt marks, though how prolonged do a Titans wish to stay in quarterback purgatory? He is a gifted actor on a field, and he’s doubtful to tumble all a approach into a second turn during this stage.

The Titans have other needs, though a shot during a top-tier talent doesn’t come around all that often, even in a tip 10. Tennessee has firsthand knowledge with that, carrying been burnt by Jake Locker with a eighth altogether collect only a few years ago.

Should Winston be taken first, or, by some spectacle or happenstance, both quarterbacks are accessible during No. 2, Tennessee should run to a lectern to breeze Mariota. Take what we are given.

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