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April 10, 2016 - table lamp

An antique jug becomes a lamp. An aged bicycle is used as a bottom of a table. A crib is cut down and transitioned into a bench.

When repurposing furniture, or even wardrobe — consider a lampshade done of aged ties — anything goes. 

One man’s rabble is … well, there unequivocally is no such thing as trash. Not according to organizers of a Women’s Resource Center’s latest fundraiser, anyway.

The Jun 11 Flip Out eventuality encourages “repurposers” of all ability levels to puncture low in their attics, basements, internal preservation and antique stores and even area curbs for a square of seat — or maybe chuck steel — that inspires them to create.

Dee Sizemore, executive of open family and fundraising for a Women’s Resource Center, pronounced a event, that will take place during Jim Word Memorial Park, was desirous by both a renouned Chair-ity Auction and HGTV’s strike uncover “Flea Market Flip.”

“We were looking for a approach to change it up,” Sizemore pronounced of a Chair-ity Auction, from that a WRC took a mangle in 2015 following 5 successful years.

The suspicion came to Sizemore as she held a dash of a uncover while sitting in a doctor’s bureau watchful room and, “I suspicion that’s it,” she said. “If we can play off something that’s popular, that always helps in removing people involved.”

Sizemore already had a ideal partners in mind to help, in Sasha Cantley and Nancy Chambers, owners of Tickety Boo Mercantile on Neville Street in Beckley.

Almost all in Tickety Boo has been saved from certain genocide — repurposed in some fashion, either it be a unwashed cot easy to new, a bed salvaged from a glow and done whole again or even chuck steel incited into a work of art.


Sizemore pronounced a judgment for a fundraiser is ideal for a goal of a Women’s Resource Center.

“I like that whole suspicion of giving something a new life,” she said. “Giving it a new purpose.”

Sasha added, “You take something that’s broken, scratched up, feeling bad and we make it pleasing again.

“You can save it and give it a purpose.”

• • •

The manners for Flip Out are simple.

Those who wish to attend contingency register in one of 3 categories — “Child’s Play,” “Re-imagined,” or “Chair-ity Change Up” — by May 20.

Items entered into a Child’s Play difficulty contingency be something a child can use either it be toys, seat or something else. The Chair-ity Change Up difficulty is for equipment repurposed for seating, and Re-imagined, Sizemore said, is a “wild label category” permitting participants to spin an object into something totally new.

Items contingency be finished and incited in during Tickety Boo, where they will be displayed before to a auction, by May 27.

Each member is compulsory to compensate an entrance fee. The simple “DIY” entrance price is set during $50. Each entrant will accept one behest series for a auction.

Three additional levels have been set adult to concede for corporate sponsorships. “The Curator” during a $1,000 and “The Collector” during a $500 levels accept 12 and 6 tickets to bid during a auction, additional advantages and are also authorised to collect one object from Tickety Boo’s “Flippin’” territory to repurpose for a auction.

A $250 sponsorship turn for “The Picker” has also been established.

Although sponsorships are important, Sizemore and Cantley contend they demeanour during a eventuality as a “people’s fundraiser.”

“We wish corporate sponsorship, yes, though we also wish Joe and Sally who’ve always wanted to do this to squeeze a integrate of friends and go in together,” Cantley said. “You get 5 people together, everybody pitches in $10 to compensate a $50 and assistance a Women’s Resource Center, and after a auction, maybe they’ve lifted another $500.

“It’s a people’s fundraiser. It gives people a clarity of community.”

And for those who competence suffer examination people “flip,” though are wavering to do it themselves, Sizemore and Cantley pronounced assistance is available, as internal artists will yield assistance.

The women contend a pivotal is faith and imagination when holding on a task. 

“We, as a society, are too discerning to chuck things away,” Sizemore said. “Even people.”

“Just since it’s broken, kick up, ugly, shop-worn or dirty,” Cantley agreed. “Eighty percent of all we do (at Tickety Boo) to seat is purify it and it becomes code new. You get that mud and dirt off of it and it has a whole new life. And afterwards we chuck some lipstick on it and it’s totally new and somebody says, ‘Oh, that’s gorgeous,’ where they would have walked right past it to start with.

“It’s only like with people,” she continued. “It’s value saving.”

• • •

To register for Flip Out, hit Sasha Cantley during 304-575-8202, Nancy Chambers during 304-573-1013 or Dee Sizemore during 304-255-2559. More information can also be found during www.ticketyboomercantile.com.



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