Fauna lamp

October 18, 2016 - table lamp

Product Description

“Domestic fauna meant as a organisation of mixed species, either roving or not, carrying a organic or musical role, inhabiting a specific informed environment, always partial of a tellurian home habitat.”


The Fauna flare can change figure over time and turn an constituent partial of a home ecosystem. It can adjust to a surroundings, and one can find it unresolved from a edge or sensitively resting in a niche. It has skeleton of copper and skin of wire; it can widen adult to move a light all a approach to a roof or sojourn coiled to irradiate a floor. Fauna can be modeled as preferred interjection to a middle copper core.


It is done as a curl though it can be simply made to whatever shape. The instruction of light is not a usually aspect that can be adjusted: a lamp’s figure can be altered as good to emanate an sparkling accumulation of aesthetical and organic solutions– from a list flare to a building lamp, from a wall light to a roof light. A coiled electric handle guarantees reserve while also giving strength to a unusual materic aspect of a lighting fixture. A diversion of peace and tragedy between a improbability of a wire and a plasticity of crystallized silhouettes.


Length: Small 230 cm, Big 430 cm
Colors: Black, green, red
Socket: E27, 8w, 110-220v.

source ⦿ http://www.designboom.com/shop/design/fauna-lamp-lapo-germasi-mid-10-18-2016/

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