Feit Electric Announces Availability of IntelliBulb

July 18, 2017 - table lamp

, a heading tellurian lighting manufacturer and colonize in
appetite fit lighting, currently announced a accessibility of a IntelliBulbTM
LED energy-saving lighting solutions with free customization and
problem-solving capabilities.

With IntelliBulb solutions, all a comprehension is built into a bulb
so there is no need for special intelligent home hardware, mobile apps or
dimmers to optimize lighting for a sold environment, conditions or
task. Lighting can be tranquil with suit or a light switch you
already have, providing a advantages of a smarter home but costly
installations or hassle. IntelliBulb light bulbs also offer all the
appetite saving advantages of a latest LED record and final adult to
15,000 hours or 13.7 years during 3 hours per day.

Now accessible in name Ace
Hardware stores
, business can choose
from 5 opposite IntelliBulb lighting solutions:

  • Dusk to Dawn: Built-in light sensor automatically turns tuber on
    during night and off during a day. Perfect for outside light fixtures or
    any plcae we wish a care-free approach to keep well-lit during night. The
    60-watt homogeneous A-19 bulbs are accessible in 2700K soothing white and
    5000K daylight.
  • Motion Activated: Motion activated A-19 light bulbs spin on
    when triggered from adult to 19 feet away. The 180-degree microwave
    sensor detects transformation even if a tuber is used in potion fixtures or
    a list flare with a shade. Install this tuber in a garage, basement,
    closet light tie or anywhere we need a accessible hands-free approach to
    light adult a space as we travel by.
  • Switch to Dim: Choose from 3 liughtness settings – 100
    percent, 60 percent and 10 percent – regulating a customary light switch.
    The A-19 and BR-30 light bulbs concede users to adjust a light
    appetite but a additional responsibility or bid of installing a
    dimmer switch.
  • ColorChoice: Get 3 tone heat choices – comfortable white,
    cold white and illumination – in one bulb. Choose a preferred color
    heat regulating a customary wall light switch or pre-select regulating the
    switch on a bulb. Available in A-19 and BR-30, a bulbs can also be
    used with dimmers.
  • Battery Backup: Make raging situations reduction raging with adult to
    3 hours of arguable puncture battery backup lighting. If the
    appetite goes out, a tuber will stay lit. It’s rechargeable, fits a
    customary light tuber tie and is prepared whenever a need occurs. The
    tuber can also be used in enclosed fixtures and damp locations.

For all IntelliBulb solutions, solely Battery Backup, A-19 bulbs are
$9.99 MSRP and BR-30 bulbs are $11.99 MSRP. Battery Backup is $19.99

For some-more information on Feit Electric’s product line, revisit www.feit.com.

About Feit Electric

Feit Electric is a heading tellurian lighting manufacturer and colonize in
appetite fit lighting. Since 1978, Feit Electric has embraced
changes in a lighting attention as a family-owned business, including
being one of a initial to move compress fluorescent lamps (CFL) and LED
technologies to market. Through innovative design, supply chain
imagination and attention heading technology, Feit Electric offers its
business a full portfolio of arguable lighting solutions including home
décor lighting collections, light fixtures, intelligent and underline rich
high-performance lighting solutions as good as a full line of general
household, specialty light bulbs in all shapes, sizes and
configurations. For some-more information, revisit feit.com,
and follow us on Twitter @feitelectricinc
and Facebook @FeitElectric.

source ⦿ http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170718005342/en/Feit-Electric-Announces-Availability-IntelliBulbTM-LED-Lighting

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