First consumer OLED list flare Aerelight due in 2015

October 27, 2014 - table lamp

John Nelson
– 27 Oct 2014

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An OLED list flare called Aerelight has been grown in Canada. Its manufacturer is now usurpation orders and is due to start shipping a initial collection in early 2015.

Aerelight uses a skinny OLED row to give comfortable healthy light – Source: OPI Lumionics Aerelight
The Aerelight uses a singular OLED row to furnish 1,000 lux of enlightenment from only 7 watts of power. Its inventors OPI Lumionics explain this is double a liughtness of a standard bureau environment.

A array of other manufacturers, like LG, have used OLED panels to emanate a array of malcontent list lamps – yet Lumionics claims that a product will be a initial to be done commercially available.

The flare will also be means to inductively assign mobile inclination placed on a mount regulating a Qi system.

Aerelight is now being pre-sold for $239 (€188). OPI Lumionics will start shipping a initial orders early in 2015 – yet these will be limited to Canada, UK and US.

Lumionics was determined in 2011 to commercialise a new OLED phony technique grown during a University of Toronto. By inserting a singular atom-thick layer of chlorine on tip of indium tin oxide, a group increased liughtness and potency of a OLED, while stealing several other inner layers.

One of a strange researchers who now works during Lumionics, Michael Helander notes: ‘OLEDs have many singular characteristics that make [them] a ideal light source of a future, though intensity expansion has been mutilated by a high production costs.’

In a longer term, Lumionics’ business concentration is on apropos a element and production record supplier, rather than stability to make a possess lamps in-house. The main applications it is targeting are furniture, lighting and wearable technology.

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