Fix This: Upgrading that aged coronet chandelier

August 28, 2017 - table lamp

KUSA – This week’s Fix This is something that’s been on a list for a while: holding an old, old-fashioned coronet candelabrum and branch it into something modern, geometric and pretty.

Some of we might already have these chandeliers around a house. If we don’t, we were means to find these dual during Bud’s Warehouse for $15.

When we bought them, we knew we wanted to spin them into free-standing table-top lamps.

My initial step was to idle a strange fixtures. we away a wiring and unscrewed a lamps inside so all we had left was a coronet and potion outdoor shell.

Next, we spotless them adult and kindly scuffed adult a coronet to ready it for paint.

We’re now on to a many vapid partial of this project: taping off a chandelier. Get a fasten as tighten as we can to a coronet and cover all a glass. It takes a while, yet we will appreciate yourself after when you’re finished painting.

Remember while we mist paint, do several light layers and wait a suitable drying time before we hoop your lamp.

Once a paint is dry, delicately mislay a tape. You might have a integrate of spots where a mist paint got onto your glass. Don’t panic! Simply mist it with some potion cleaner afterwards use a scraper to mislay a dusty paint.

Do not try to scratch a dusty paint off with usually a scraper. The potion needs to be wet. This protects it from scratches, and creates a paint dismissal routine really easy.

Now it’s time to put a flare together. To give my new flare a good glow, we designed on regulating both a battery powered candle and battery powered strand lights on a inside. we happened to have a bottom of an aged potion architecture fibbing around and it worked ideally as a bottom for my new lamp.

Using Mod Podge, we lonesome a bottom with excellent silt and afterwards glued on potion pebbles to give it some-more of a beachy look. The potion pebbles not usually combined some decoration, yet they also helped to censor a battery container for my strand lights. we placed my battery powered candle on tip of a battery container to censor it even more.

Finally, insert a strand lights. Even yet these lights are done with open wire, they don’t usually boyant in place. To supplement support, we took my glue gun and cumulative a strand handle in place to a few dark spots on a steel inside a lamp.

When we was finished, we incited on a strand light battery container and candle, placed it on my flare bottom and surfaced it off with my new geometric potion dome.

Its comfortable heat adds so most to my behind square both day and night! 

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