Flotspotting: A Table Lamp with Nothing to Hide

August 12, 2014 - table lamp


TableLamp-Lead.jpgPhotos by Guy Miller

Most of us cite to tuck cords and cables well out of sight—in fact, I’ve organised half of a seat in my unit in sequence to stealing my distortion of a Wi-fi router. It’s protected to contend Tel Aviv-based engineer Shahar Katsav is pulling for a conflicting with his Table Lamp. The splendid orange cords emerge from a soldering house and cap in a conduct of illuminated bulbs that comes together to resemble a new-age Pixar character.


With a tough bottom and compound-eye light source, it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. But it’s not a widen to prognosticate this in a work studio or mechanism lab of some sort—or camouflaged among wandering wires on a weathered workbench in a garage.


<!– By a looks of that tree-like construction, we would assume a physique of a flare is stretchable and could be disfigured for a some-more personalized visibilitywhich is a large and for a flare with looks to take a hearts of work(wo)men looking for a light source.


What do we think, work flare lovers—yay or nay? You can check out some-more work from Katsav on Coroflot.


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