For One Furniture-Obsessed SoMa Resident, a Table Is a Lifetime Commitment

May 19, 2015 - table lamp

buffet%20HouseCallMission_PChang-7558.jpgThe rest of Tang’s preference tree proceeded with other vast items: a selected buffet, afterwards a sofa. The smorgasboard was a compromise—Tang unequivocally wanted an antique piece, though for frugality’s consequence had to settle on something that merely looked old—but a heft creates it a good counterpoint to a Castle table. “I wanted a vast armoire or smorgasboard since of a approach a room is set adult when we travel in—there is no entryway,” says Tang. “In sequence to emanate a clarity that there is an entryway, we indispensable something to create, like, a mezzanine space.”

At 795 block feet, a condo is one prolonged open room with a tiny rug during one finish and, during a other, a mezzanine heading behind to a bedroom and bath. Tang’s palette is some-more about hardness than color. He falls tough for materials in disguise: an festooned wall-hanging from Vietnam that looks as well-spoken as ink, a thick red “painting” that, tighten up, fragments into layers of rose petals, a Joseph Pagano flare with a just-barely-mottled maroon potion finish.
In a bedroom, Tang painted his possess mock-wallpaper with a stencil he bought online. “The problem with wallpaper is it’s intensely expensive, unequivocally messy, and we can’t change your mind,” says Tang. Working his approach opposite a wall regulating a stencil with a built-in level, he lonesome a whole wall in only 3 or 4 hours. “I only went unequivocally crazy one evening,” he says. To give a settlement a small additional depth, Tang used matte paint for a credentials tone and eggshell for a overlay.

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