Foster + Partners introduces Eva tabletop light

May 22, 2016 - table lamp

British pattern studio Foster + Partners has launched a latest light constructed in partnership with Italian manufacturer Lumina: a tabletop pattern that emits a peaceful glow.

The Eva is an surreptitious up-light that sits within a potion tube, and has an coming same to a candle or fireflies in a jar.

EVA light by Foster + Partners
The EVA is a tabletop pattern that emits a gentle, sunder glow

The outcome is combined by a dissimulation of a light source. The Eva’s round, mechanised aluminium bottom binds an LED that projects upwards onto a contemplative cone, that meets a tip of a tube along a mitred joint.

To strech a reflector, Eva’s light passes by dual lenses. These work to both problematic a source of a light and to concentration it on a reflector, formulating a sense of a floating, bright cone.

EVA light by Foster + Partners
The EVA’s round, mechanised aluminium bottom binds an LED that projects upwards onto a contemplative cone

Foster + Partners and Lumina have used Chip on Board (COB) LED, that combines mixed LED chips in a singular procedure and creates a unchanging and tranquil flare but manifest particular light points, identical to a prosaic panel.

A grooved circle evocative of a camera lens control during a bottom functions as a light’s on/off and dimmer switch. The bottom comes in black, bronze, china and coronet anodised finishes.

EVA light by Foster + Partners
Functioning as a dimmer switch is a grooved wheel, evocative of a camera lens control

Eva originated with one of Foster + Partners’ architectural projects in Asia, that called for a lighting resolution that would widespread light over a list with a vast diameter.

The team’s strange thought to emanate a preferred outcome was to cut a vale in an acrylic disc. This was followed by a antecedent that concerned plain glass, weighing in during 60 kilograms, before they staid on a pattern formed on a light source and a reflector.

EVA light by Foster + Partners
EVA’s lenses work to both problematic a source of a light and to concentration it on a reflector

Eva was combined together with Lumia and outlines Foster + Partners’ third lighting partnership with a 35-year-old Italian studio, that manufactures during a Arluno plants only outward of Milan.

Their initial light together was a slim Flo. According Foster + Partners’ conduct of industrial design, Mike Holland, a flare was designed to “reduce a conformation to something that would roughly disappear”.

EVA light by Foster + Partners
Their strange thought for formulating a preferred outcome was to cut a vale in an acrylic disc

Their second collaboration, called Dot, extended a thesis of disappearance. For this product, a designers focussed on stealing a source so that a match would seem as a front of light.

“The Dot and Eva lamps are a outcome of a prolonged collaborative pattern routine between Foster + Partners and Lumina, that concerned continual excellence and contrast to furnish a best lighting resolution – a prudent alloy of form, record and material,” pronounced Holland.

Lumina DOT Pendant Light by Foster + Partners
The DOT’s light source is secluded so a match appears as a front of light

“Both lamps make innovative use of a latest LED and lens technology, embodying their Minimalist hint in opposite ways, Dot as a match with a floating front of light, and Eva a list flare with a dangling cone of light.”

The lights were both presented during London’s Aram Store, while above it in a Aram Gallery there is a retrospective of Foster + Partners’ industrial pattern work, patrician Craft + Manufacture.

Maggies Centre by Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners have recently launched a Maggie’s Centre for cancer caring in Manchester

The muster presents a studio’s pattern and industrial pattern work as a symbiotic practice. It includes such work as their Solus Chair for Cathay Pacific’s lounges, sculptural Arc Table for MolteniC, a indication of their new Maggie’s Centre for cancer care and a preview of a Tono faucets to be expelled in Sep with Porcelanosa.

Photography is by Aaron Hargreaves/Foster + Partners.

  • Would adore to see it “live” so to speak. Of course, that’s as distant as I’d get. we see it sells for £1,900 during a Aram store. I’ll get my coat.

  • £1900! Really, are we sure? we suspect that’s what we get when we ask 100 architects to pattern a list lamp.

  • Over-engineered.

    • Not over-engineered, overpriced probably.

  • Looks like a penis enlarger, we need this…

    • Hmmm. With inverted gland! Oops.

    • Well, Foster is married to a sex therapist… holding work home?

  • Yes, good design, ridiculously over labelled though. If they constructed one that encompassed genuine people’s budgets I’d take it some-more seriously.

  • If anything, it is under-designed for a suit does not ‘feel’ right. It is a matter of ambience in aesthetics. we would like to examination with a figure of a tip cone with, contend a drop during a indicate of subdivision and fall, so as to describe a dynamics with a base.

  • Damn cool! Where can we get one? Awesome! How much? Oh. Nah.

  • Isn’t it a bit of a reduction desirous and some-more walking chronicle of Castiglioni’s Taccia lamp?

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