From a Bay Launches New Collection Designed by Jonas Wagell

June 10, 2017 - table lamp

From a Bay launched a initial collection designed by Jonas Wagell during NYCxDesign in May. The collection includes Propellor Table, Pool Mirror, Stick Hook, Pin Bowls, Nightfall Light and Wander Light.

“My pattern is focused on organic equipment rather than artistic objects,” Wagell commented. “I conclude products that can be used bland and be partial of people’s lives. we trust love and tension is some-more critical than disdainful and costly materials. My aim is to emanate basic objects that are discerning and easy to use, though try to supplement something personal and expressive. I’ve come to call this inexhaustible minimalism.”

Propellor Tables

Propellor is a set of basic tables with a lightweight demeanour though heavy-duty construction. They are an interpretation of a standard café list with a tripod base, hang and tabletop, though with simplified forms and scaled down for a striking and witty regeneration. They might be used simply as compress side tables or grouped in varying heights and colors for a fragrance of tables. Made of powder coated steel in 3 sizes (low, medium, high) and accessible in 4 comparison colors: Grey white, Charcoal black, Red terracotta, Dark green

Pool Mirrors

Pool is a operation of 3 wall mirrors with basic and common character. The form is effectively a matrimony of block and turn providing a contemporary demeanour to fit many bedrooms and settings. Use them as singular pieces or mix a mirrors in sizes and colors. Made of powder coated steel and counterpart potion in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and accessible in 3 colors: White, Black, Rust red

Stick Hook

Stick is a minimalistic interpretation on a archetype of a hook, with an oversized and witty expression. The reduced form is formed on a figure of a timber hang cut in half. The basic countenance is emphasized with a secluded wall tie bracket. Made of plain ash in one distance (13x46cm) and accessible in 6 colors: Natural matte oak, White, Grey, Black, Terracotta, Blue

Pin Bowls

Pin bowls are a set of musical multi-purpose containers to keep bland objects in a finish to impersonate bisque porcelain. The organisation includes 3 bowls with accessible turn shapes and ethereal legs that rouse them off list and opposite tops. Made of powder coated steel in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and accessible in 3 colors: Small – Dark blue, Medium – Clay grey, Large – Red terracotta

Nightfall Light

Nightfall has a soothing common form reduced to a span of manifest shapes dangling in a atmosphere with a elementary cord. It combines dual variations of a match light, an aluminum shade and a potion globe, for a clever striking form. As such it provides both soothing ambient light and approach enlightenment for use over a list or for ubiquitous lighting. Made of powder coated aluminum and opal white potion in one distance 34x34x17cm and accessible in 4 colors: White, Black, Dark terracotta, Dark blue

Wander Light

Wander is a new unstable list flare that takes a impulse from normal Asian rice lamps though has a minimal, contemporary impression and is done of winding complicated hoop and opaline glass. The winding hoop gives a flare a witty impression that welcomes relocating a lamp. The hoop has a light countenance and elementary construction. The opal potion creates a diffused light dimmable to adjust power – from splendid and clear, to low and cozy.

This collection of subtle, basic objects that are discerning and easy to use will be a initial in a array of destiny engineer collaborations from a brand.

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