GE Sol C Lamp Equipped With Amazon Alexa Unveiled For $200

May 5, 2017 - table lamp

GE Sol C Lamp Equipped With Amazon Alexa

GE Lighting has total a new flare called simply a C, that has been total with Amazon’s Alexa personal partner record and provides a best of complicated LED lighting together with Alexa commands.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a C list flare that will shortly be accessible to squeeze labelled during $200. Although if we motionless already we can pointer adult to accept a 20% bonus creation a sell Price $160 forward of a launch.


GE is operative to unleash a ultimate vital knowledge by a apartment of connected products designed to make your life easier and assistance we do more. First on that tour is a contemporary LED list flare that embeds Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) directly inside, permitting we to use a light to sequence your dinner, listen to a latest headlines, preheat your oven or give a horde of other voice commands.

The voice tranquil light source with microphones and a orator is a initial announced use of AVS embedded within a lighting product, bringing a skills you’d find in a normal Amazon Echo product but a need for a stand-alone Echo unit, heart or even a intelligent phone. Homeowners need usually block in a C by GE flare and bond to Alexa to unleash a whole new universe of tech functionality and intelligent device interoperability via a home.

– As partial of a C by GE brand, GE creates entrance indicate to a intelligent home by elementary tie points that capacitate homeowners to do some-more and be better
– Connected roadmap starts with a industry’s initial announced formation of Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) built directly inside a lighting product
– A sleekly designed LED list flare lets we simply finish hundreds of hands-free voice commands, no stand-alone Echo unit, heart or intelligent phone required

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