Gifts value remembering: Islanders share Christmas stories

December 25, 2015 - table lamp

Christmas and a story of Goldilocks and a Three Bears have something in common: A foreigner enters a family’s residence unannounced and samples their food.

But, some-more to a indicate — as Goldilocks discovered, it isn’t always easy removing something “just right.”

Gift-giving is diligent with obstacles. Will a shirt be a right distance and color? Will a solid ring be 3 carats or larger?

We asked members of a Palm Beach village to share memories of some of their best or most-unexpected Christmas gifts they’ve ever perceived — while some examples were, understandably, element in nature, some warmed a hearts of a recipients in a approach porridge never could.

Here are some of those memories.

* One of a many startling Christmas gifts Mayor Gail Coniglio ever perceived was a benefaction from her husband, Frank. One Christmas morning, Frank astounded her with a golf putter. “The usually problem being that we didn’t possess a golf bag or a singular club, as we don’t play golf!” Coniglio said. Her many intense gifts are cinema of her children and grandchildren with Santa.

“I line a dining list with all of a cinema as centerpieces and we giggle during a smiles, tears and comedy chronicling Christmas past,” Coniglio said.

* Public Safety Director Kirk Blouin pronounced he has never perceived a bad gift. “The best benefaction by distant that we have perceived only before and after Christmas is a birth of my daughter and son,” Blouin said. Laila Blouin is now 3 years old, and her brother, Braxton, is 1.

* Palm Beach photography play Holden Luntzhas an hatred to anything greasy so he was astounded when his sister gave him a lava flare one holiday season. “You retard it in and blobs of oil boyant around,” he said. “It was horrible.”

He didn’t worry perplexing to “re-gift” it. “I only took it right over to a benefaction store,” he said.

* It was a obvious fact that Gabriel Gordon, who works during Luntz’s gallery, wanted a automobile for Christmas when he was in high school. He was gay when he found a set of automobile keys underneath a tree one Christmas.

Hidden behind a tree in a yard was a Chrysler LeBaron. Thrilled, he gathering it over to a friends house. “My friends piled in,” he said. “We got about a retard down a highway and a automobile died.” It was towed away, never to reappear in a drive again.

* Palm Beacher Dale McNulty remembers receiving a benefaction of a horse-drawn carriage float around Central Park. “It was a kind of thing we would never have finished myself,” he said. “It was a lot of fun.”

* The Rev. Robert Norris, priest of a Royal Poinciana Chapel, common his many loving gift.

“The date was Dec. 11, 1982. While we were dining during a Windows On The World unaware Manhattan we perceived a ‘Yes!’ in respond to my exploration of Debbie Wagner, ‘Will we marry me?’ My many appreciated benefaction that Christmas continues to conclude any year!”

* From a really immature age, Dr. Earl Campazzi wanted a indication steer for Christmas. He eventually called it a “mythical indication train,” since year after year, it never appeared. Later, after starting school, he was told he was simply too aged for a indication train.

“Fast brazen to matrimony … we perceived most a same summary from my wife, Julie — that a indication steer around a Christmas tree was a stupid thought and we was a grown man,” Campazzi said. Last year, though, his parents-in-law, Ralph and Blanche Del Deo of Palm Beach, bought him a indication train. Campazzi got his cherished indication steer — during age 52.

“I favourite it so good that they bought 4 some-more and sent them to their grown masculine grandchildren. It was a strike all around,” Campazzi said.

* Catherine Louis, owners of Bibi’s Boutique during 250 Worth Ave., calls her pets her best Christmas presents.

While she was on vacation a month ago, a crony told her about a 10-year-old, scarcely blind poodle that was in risk of losing her life during a Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Center.

Louis had her crony “yank” a dog from a pound. “After a month of home-cooked meals, several ‘spa’ days, and some smashing eye drops – ‘Sugar’ renamed ‘Betty’ — is really happy and most desired in a home. We will give her a benefaction of sight, as she is now an glorious claimant for deluge removal,” Louis said. Another benefaction she gave herself was a tiny, darling fondle poodle puppy a foreigner called to “surrender” during Louis’ dog boutique.

“He was so small and cold. we fast found him a sweater and some food. Houbibi has turn a store mascot,” Louis said. “He and Betty are a best Christmas presents ever.”


Staff writers Aleese Kopf, Michele Dargan, David Rogers and Jan Sjostrom contributed to this report.

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