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May 28, 2015 - table lamp

Finally this week, final though not least, a 18th member of a O’Fallon High School Class of 1918—Elsie “Goo” Distler.

“Elsie was combined to humanities’ list Oct. 16, 1900, during Oak Hill, Ill. Without a doubt there’s strain in her soul. Her classmates are wakeful of a fact since in a past years they have been spasmodic bewitched with her extemporaneous bursts of strain during investigate and category periods. Although clever and unaffected in many things, her heart fails her when it comes to a small trusting looking mouse. She always creates a fast skirmish heavenward no matter where she might occur to be whenever a rodent appears. The following occurrence (which proves a aforesaid) once occurred and caused most mirth among her classmates. Harold had a small mouse, / It squealed only like a rodent / And everywhere that Elsie went, / That rodent only came and sat. / He bro’t it adult in propagandize on day / It was opposite a rule, / It done a Elsie run and roar / To see that rodent in school.”

Perhaps this is why, in a ridicule “High School Daily” in a yearbook, there appears a following personal ad. “Wanted: A girl. Apply Harold Davison.”


75 years ago, May 30, 1940. Miss LaVerna Schroeder was agreeably astounded Friday afternoon after propagandize by associate teachers during a showering in her classroom. The list was flashy in pinkish and blue, a centerpiece being a vast fragrance of open flowers. A tasty luncheon was served after that Miss Schroeder was presented with a pleasing blue and white list flare from all of a teachers with whom she has been training for a past series of years. Miss Schroeder is to turn a bride of Mr. Harold Evans a latter partial of June. (LaVerna Evans School is named after her.)

50 years ago, Jun 3, 1965. Clyde Glenn, a partner in a Schwarz Furniture store, was inaugurated boss of a O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce during a annual dinner-dance assembly hold Saturday night in a VFW Hall. He succeeds Henry Schwarz. A opinion of a cover authorized a sale of a belligerent on West Second Street to St. Clare’s Catholic Church for $15,000. The belligerent is to be used as a personification margin for a church teams. It was purchased by a Chamber for industrial growth about 10 years ago. The area to be deeded to a church is about 5 acres.

source ⦿ http://www.bnd.com/news/local/community/ofallon-progress/article22507176.html

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