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December 28, 2015 - table lamp

Lita Solis-Cohen | Oct 17th, 2015

Rago Arts, Lambertville, New Jersey

Photos pleasantness Rago Arts

A list flare from a Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena, California, sole during Rago Arts on Oct 17, 2015, for $502,000 (includes buyer’s premium) to Ken Mazik and Donna Brown, whose Modernism Museum Mount Dora in Florida has a excellent collection of works by Wharton Esherick, George Nakashima, and Wendell Castle. The underbidder on a phone was another musical humanities institution, according to auctioneer David Rago.

This singular Greene Greene list flare was done for a Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena, California, in 1912. The mahogany, ebony, brass, silk, and copper flare with 4 sockets has inlay and cutouts. It is unmarked and 24½” x 23″. It sole in a salesroom for $502,000 (est. $40,000/60,000). The underbidder was on a phone. It was published in Edward R. Bosley’s A New and Native Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene Greene (2009) and Greene Greene (2003) andRandell L. Makison’s Greene Greene: Furniture and Related Designs (1977). It was exhibited during a Huntington in San Marino, California,in a muster A ‘New and Native’ Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene Greene, Oct 2008-January 2009; that vaunt afterwards trafficked to a Renwick Gallery during a Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. (March-June 2009) and a Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (July-October 2009).

The stream owners of a Blacker House, Harvey Knell, came from California to try to buy a lamp. He was behest in a salesroom though forsaken out around $300,000 when one of a 4 phone bidders lifted a bid and competed with Mazik adult to $400,000. Mazik, sitting on a initial row, bid $410,000, that was adequate to win a lot. With a buyer’s reward he paid $502,000, a record for Greene Greene lighting. It surfaced a $470,500 paid for a lotus lantern from a vital room of a Blacker House that sole during Sotheby’s on Dec 16, 2010.

The flare was a vast news during a three-day sale put together by David Rago and Suzanne Perrault. They offering 1550 lots of 20th-century furniture, accessories, ceramics, and potion in 5 catalogs and sole 1259 of them for a neat $7,282,000, really tighten to a sale’s high estimate. It was a tip sum for a Rago weekend of pattern sales in Lambertville, New Jersey, given a Sollo: Rago sales in Oct 2007 when 1000-plus lots sole in dual days for $7,977,270, and in Apr 2007 when 820 lots sole for $7.2 million during this same venue. The sales on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct 16-18, 2015, lonesome a whole 20th century and a initial decade of a 21st century.

After a hilly start with a unsatisfactory sale of 80 lots of Lalique glass, this marathon sale showed a marketplace that is alive nonetheless not utterly adult to a levels of a silly days before 2008. Rarities and good pattern were not overlooked. Just about 86% of a lots sold; 22% of them sole online with 14% going to Bidsquare and 8% to Liveauctioneers. There was a lot of phone bidding, and some vital bidders were in a salesroom.

Lalique “Cluny” vase, France, designed in 1925, hazed topaz potion with patinated bronze handles, etched “R. Lalique France,” 10½” x 12″, sole for $125,000 (est. $80,000/100,000) on a phone with Frank Maraschiello, who recently assimilated a Rago staff after a prolonged career in New York City during Sotheby’s and Bonhams.

Lalique “Tourbillons” vase, transparent and frosted yellow amber glass, France, designed in 1926, etched “R. LALIQUE FRANCE No 973,” 7¾” x 8″, sole to a bidder on a phone with Suzanne Perrault for $30,000 (est. $15,000/20,000).

There is an ardour for art pottery. The best of George Ohr’s disfigured pots excite collectors. The marketplace for Nakashima seat is clever and consistent. Some seat by Mira Nakashima sole over estimates, that shows that there is a building marketplace for her work. The direct for Paul Evans and Phillip Powell is selective, with penetrating foe for their best works and some bargains to be had for a rest. Those in a know pronounced Europeans like a Directional lines improved than some of Evans’s studio work. A really prolonged Evans Directional Deep Relief cupboard with a line-up top, 144″ long, sealed and antiquated 1977, sole for a high estimate, $75,000, while a Paul Evans studio tradition looped-front cabinet, 22″ x 32″ x 19″, sole underneath a low guess ($18,000/24,000) for $16,000 produce or $20,000 with buyer’s premium.

George Ohr (1857-1918), vast folded vessel with a stormy edge and gunmetal glaze, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1897-1900, hammered “G.E. Ohr, Biloxi, Miss,” 6″ x 6″, sole for $21,250 (est. $3000/4000).

George Ohr (1857-1918), vase with in-body turn and stormy edge in multi-coloured sapphire glaze, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1897-1900, hammered “G.E. OHR, Biloxi, Miss,” 6½” x 4¼”, sole for $45,000 (est. $4000/6000).

Paul Evans (1931-1987) for Directional, tradition extra-long Deep Relief cabinet, 1977, welded, patinated, and speckled steel, slate, and laminated interior, sealed and antiquated “Paul Evans 77,” 37½” x 144″ x 21½”, sole for $75,000 (est. $40,000/60,000).

The many dignified Phillip Powell work was a 95½” prolonged unresolved cupboard with a forged and embellished front and a line-up tip that sole for $81,250, good over a $20,000/25,000 estimate.

Phillip Powell (1919-2008), wall unresolved cabinet, New Hope, Pennsylvania, walnut, speckled wood, and slate, unmarked, 10½” x 95½” x 21½”, sole for $81,250 (est. $20,000/25,000).

Dale Chihuly (b. 1941), Massive Jerusalem 2000 Cylinder, #125, Seattle, 1999, blown potion with practical potion crystals, unmarked, 35″ x 16″, sole for $27,500 (est. $15,000/20,000).

Dale Chihuly (b. 1941), Massive Blue Macchia with Yellow Lip Wrap, Seattle, 1996, sealed and dated, 18½” x 38″ x 35″, sole on a phone for $27,500 (est. $10,000/15,000).

The delegate marketplace for studio ceramics and potion seems some-more determined during any sale, with works by potion artists Dale Chihuly, Toots Zynsky, William Morris, Richard Marquis, Yoichi Ohira, and Lino Tagliapietra in demand.

The unsatisfactory sale of Lalique on Friday was followed by a private collection of James and Diane Cook, china dealers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who call their business Investment Rarities. They are obvious collectors of antiques, musical art, steep decoys, and painting art. Twenty-five people came to a sale to contest with a phone bidders and bidders on dual behest platforms, Bidsquare and Liveauctioneers, for this territory of a sale.

Prices for Newcomb were on a low side of estimates, though a North Dakota School of Mines commemorative vase by Margaret Cable, 8″ tall, sole for $11,875 (est. $3000/4000). At a Rago sale in Feb 2011, it sole for $3965. A vast and singular stoneware vessel from Jugtown, North Carolina, with a Chinese blue glitter sole for $10,000 (est. $5000/7500), and a lidded jar from Tiffany Studios with an aged ivory glaze, 8½” tall, fetched $12,500 (est. $6000/9000).

Ken Mazik and Donna Brown, who non-stop their Modernism Museum Mount Dora in Florida dual years ago, pronounced they had to have a vast realistic Weller swans, garden ornaments done in Zanesville, Ohio, circa 1910. They seemed somewhat incomparable than life distance during 18½” x 24″ x 11″ and 15″ x 22″ x 11″. They bought one for $8125 and a other for $8750, usually about double a $3500/4500 and $3000/4000 estimates respectively.

The various-owners sale of early 20th-century element on Saturday that enclosed a Blacker House flare (pictured on a front and a behind of a catalog) began with a collection of George Ohr pottery, that was embraced with enthusiasm. Nearly any lot of Ohr pottery sole for some-more than a estimates; usually one Ohr vase was passed. A vast folded, stormy vessel in a gunmetal glaze, 1897-1900, sole for $21,250 (est. $3000/4000). The many costly block of art pottery was a vast Marblehead play embellished with a panther design, 4½” high x 10½” diameter, that sole for $30,000 (est. $17,500/22,500).

Two Gustave Baumann prints sole for some-more than their estimates for $18,750 any before a Greene Greene list flare crossed a block. The flare came from a 20-room retirement residence that Charles and Henry Greene built for lumber aristocrat Robert Blacker and his wife, Nellie, in 1907. The Blacker House is deliberate an architectural value and is on a National Register of Historic Places. It is a survivor. In 1985 it was sole to Barton English from Stonewall, Texas, for $1.2 million. With a recommendation of antiques play Michael Carey, all 48 of a interior and extraneous light fixtures were private including chandeliers and Japanese-style lanterns, many with outlandish woods, china inlay, and stained glass. They were sold, so English immediately recouped his investment. Carey pronounced during a time that facsimile lighting would be commissioned in a residence to reinstate a originals. Ten years after a residence was purchased by Harvey and Ellen Knell, who by 1998 had easy it. The press reported that there was zero to advise that it had ever endured what preservationists called “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Gustave Baumann (1881-1971), tone woodblock print, Mountain Gold, New Mexico, 1925, tangled and framed, pencil-signed, titled, and numbered 23/100 with clout mark, 9½” x 11″ image, sole online for $18,750. Another Baumann imitation (not shown), San Geronimo-Taos, also sole online for $18,750 (est. $7000/9000).

In 2008 Edward R. Bosley curated a Greene Greene muster that non-stop during a Huntington in San Marino, California, and afterwards trafficked to a Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., and a Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. When Bosley was interviewed for a 2008 Smithsonian Magazine story, he remarkable that that a furnishings of a Blacker House were widely diluted and mentioned “a list flare from a Blacker House vital room where one chairman owns a bottom and another owns a shade.” He was means to move them behind together for a show. The flare is graphic in a duration sketch that Rago reproduced in a catalog. That remarried lamp, done around 1912, apparently stayed together after that and was consigned by a owners to Rago to sell. The owners of a Blacker House came from California to be certain it was indeed a flare creatively from his residence and stayed to bid on it, though he was not successful. Friends pronounced he was unhappy though blissful that he will have income to buy some-more skill to revive “the yard” and explode a houses on a land that surrounds a Blacker House.

The various-owners sale of mid-century complicated designs on Saturday afternoon offering less-expensive lots that interest to furnishers and decorators. About 80% of it sold, most of it for reduction than estimates, that combined $479,550 to a total, good subsequent a $645,000/925,000 estimates figured though buyers’ premiums. A Thomas Moser dining room list and 8 chairs sole for $5312.50; an Arredoluce bright easel went for $7500 (est. $3000/4000); and a span of Nakashima Wohl side tables, 1958, sole for $9375 (est. $3000/4000).

The vast catalog sale of complicated pattern and complicated studio ceramics and potion began during 10 a.m. on Sunday with 32 lots from a estate of Sylvia Hoffman, who worked as a bureau manager for engineer Tommi Parzinger (1903-1981) and his partner Donald Cameron for some-more than 40 years. Her white-painted and iron-studded double cupboard sole for $27,500 (est. $12,000/18,000), and her Tommi Parzinger bright sculpture from a 1960s, graphic on a catalog cover, sole for $20,000 (est. $3000/5000). Blueprints, drawings, and other Parzinger ephemera sole online for $6250 (est. $2000/3000).

The sale continued with Nakashima, Evans, Powell, and Esherick, and afterwards went on with Scandinavian pattern followed by a territory of Picasso ceramics and Calder maguey fiber wall hangings done in Nicaragua and Guatemala in a 1970s. Jad Attal, who puts together a complicated pattern sales, always offers works by vital artists, with sundry results. This time he featured a works of Clare Graham, a California artist. Graham’s “Pixilated Paint By Numbers” cupboard sole for $12,500 (est. $3500/4500), though his “Pop Top” tete-a-tete done from tin can tabs over a steel support fetched usually $2500 (est. $2500/3500), and his yardstick dais went for $1875 (est. $2000/3000). Works by other vital artists also had churned results. Artists risk auction to emanate a marketplace for their work.

The vast warn of a sale was a $162,500 (est. $30,000/50,000) paid for a Robsjohn-Gibbings Mesa coffee list by Widdicomb.

Rago Arts skeleton 3 pattern sale weekends a year. The subsequent will be Feb 19-21. There will be another in June. For some-more information, go to ( or call (609) 397-9374.

Martin Brothers glassy stoneware bird tobacco jar, England, 1898, bottom sealed “9-1898 Martin Bros London + Southall,” conduct sealed “Martin Bros 3-1898 London + Southall,” 10½” x 5″, sole for $31,150 (est. $17,500/22,500).

William Morris (b. 1957), potion sculpture “Reliquary Vessel,” Washington, 1998, sealed and dated, 17″ x 14″ x 4″, sole for $45,000 (est. $15,000/20,000).

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), hat, coat, and powerful stand, ash and expel iron, unmarked, 72½” x 22″ square, sole for $32,500 (est. $15,000/20,000). It is one of 4 famous examples from Catherine Cranston’s Argyle Street tearoom in Glasgow, Scotland (about 1898-1920) and might be a one graphic in Roger Billcliffe’s 1980 book Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings Interior Designs.

Mary Ann “Toots” Zynsky (b. 1951), large filet-de-verre bowl, Disputing Chaos, 1996, sealed “Z,” 11½” x 23½” x 15½”, sole for $36,250 (est. $14,000/19,000) to a vital online buyer.

Waylande Gregory (1905-1971), womanlike nucleus with lightning bolt, circa 1938, glassy earthenware, unmarked, 46½” x 30″ x 20″, sole online for $50,000 (est. $6000/9000). It was done for a Fountain of Atom that was exhibited during a New York World’s Fair in 1939-40.

This wall hanging, Floating Circles, after Alexander Calder sole for $23,750 (est. $4000/6000) to a bidder on Bidsquare who bought some-more of these hangings for $8750 and $17,500. According to an essay in a January/February 2008 Fiberarts magazine, Alexander Calder donated 14 gouache paintings to a organisation in Managua, Nicaragua after a harmful trembler so they could be translated into maguey fiber mats by Central American craftsman in 1974 and 1975 as a fund-raising plan to assist survivors. The collaborative try was concurrent and supervised by New York City art gourmet Kitty Meyer. The plan concerned some-more than 100 weavers in villages via Nicaragua and Guatemala who constructed singular editions of 100 any of Calder’s 14 gouaches. They were sole during several art galleries in New York, and Calder kept a few for his houses in Roxbury, Connecticut, and Sache, France, where he used them as building coverings. They also have rings on a behind so they can be hung. Some were given to universities and museums.

Vladimir Kagan (b. 1927) and Vladimir Kagan Designs, Inc., wing loll chair (no. 503), 1970s, sculpted walnut wood, unmarked, 42″ x 31″ x 33″, sole for $12,500 (est. $5000/7000).

T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings (1905-1976), Widdicomb Mesa coffee table, Grand Rapids, Michigan, walnut, manufacturer’s label, stenciled marks, 17″ x 73½” x 49″, sole on a phone for $162,500 (est. $30,000/50,000).

Vladimir Kagan (b. 1927), crescent coffee table, New York, 1950s, Venetian potion tiles, bronze, and sculpted walnut, unmarked, 14½” x 55″ x 34″, sole online for $20,000 (est. $5000/7000).

Originally published in a Jan 2016 emanate of Maine Antique Digest. © 2015 Maine Antique Digest

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