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Chances are, if you’ve ever been to Wisconsin or M Street, you’ve seen Martin’s Tavern. The iconic prolonged yellow-and-green building sits on a dilemma of Wisconsin and N, opposite a travel from Pablo’s and only a stone’s chuck divided from a internal favorite Mai Thai. Martin’s is iconic for some-more than a exterior, however. The internal grill has hosted some of this nation’s domestic leaders, including Harry Truman (booth 6), John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush (table 12).  

I entered a pub on a Sunday morning, and was soon greeted by a really accessible stewardess during a door. She led me and my brunch friend to a tiny list in a core of a room— unfortunately, we did not have a respect of pity seats with Presidents Truman or Bush— and a Sunday Brunch began.


Atmosphere and Originality

Martin’s is a dimly lit, out-of-date tavern, finish with a mounted bronze deer conduct and animal print prints covering a walls. Every counter backing a borders of a pub has a possess singular stained-glass lamp, that lights a tavern’s dark, wooden walls in tiny pockets. Our table, while cramped, was easily presented, and featured a quintessential brunch items: sugarine packets, ketchup, hot-sauce, and a image with a doily and a tin pot of maple syrup. The pub really has an singular interior, though was a small crowded. Our list in a core of a room forced us to splash a elbows into a sides when passers-by changed by a restaurant.

Service, however, was fantastic. Our waitress was intensely friendly, and refilled a coffee and H2O eyeglasses roughly immediately after we emptied them. She chatted with us while we comparison a food, and really done a brunch knowledge all a some-more enjoyable.


Diversity of Menu

Brunch during Martin’s Tavern is normal English fare: options enclosed beef and eggs, omelettes, bagel with lox, pancakes, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and creamed chipped beef. My brunch date chose a challah french toast with bacon and a side of fruit, while we had a eggs florentine, that came with breakfast potatoes and a fruit cup. Our preface to brunch was a pot of prohibited coffee.


Food Presentation

The food during Martin’s Tavern is easily presented in customary plating style. My eggs florentine looked only excellent on a plate—nothing fancy—while my brunch buddy’s french toast was built and dusted with powdered sugar. We had difficulty wise all (our dual platters, fruit, and coffees) on a table, however, that hindered a food presentation. Overall, it was a good arrangement, though zero special.

The juicy and classical eggs florentine from Martin’s Tavern. (Erika Bullock/The Georgetown Voice)


Food Quality

It’s tough to have truly well-developed eggs florentine and french toast, as they are such classical brunch staples. My eggs florentine was delicious, however: a eggs were poached perfectly, a spinach was easily seasoned, and a biscuits were feathery and buttery. A shower of smoked paprika over a tip of a florentine combined a abyss of season to a dish. The fruit side was a ubiquitous melon-and-pineapple cup, and didn’t supplement most besides a lovely punch to a platter. The genuine star of a plate was Martin’s breakfast potatoes— they were splendidly seasoned, sauteed with caramelized onions and diced bell peppers, and done a plate mount out from other ubiquitous eggs florentine dishes I’ve had in a past.

My brunch date devoured a challah french toast, and called it a “substantially stuffing meal.” The bacon was baked really good and was of high quality— maybe a homogeneous star of a breakfast potatoes for my brunch date’s dish. Our coffees were pleasing and not sour during all, notwithstanding a fact that Martin’s brews their coffees by a pot rather than in singular servings. Overall, a food was stuffing and flavorful, a plain plate to start a Sunday.

The challah french toast and bacon platter was simple though tasty. (Erika Bullock/The Georgetown Voice)
The challah french toast and bacon platter was simple though satisfying. (Erika Bullock/The Georgetown Voice)

Food Price

Many of a ubiquitous options on Martin’s menu were pretty priced. My date’s challah french toast and bacon cost 11.95, while my eggs florentine were a bit pricier (and in my opinion, overpriced) during 13.95. Our ubiquitous accord was that a brunch was a bit overpriced for a quality, though not ridiculously so. If anything, Martin’s is good for a story of a place, that can shroud (or confuse from) a peculiarity of a brunch.

Overall, Martin’s Tavern is a plain brunch spot, and a good choice for those meddlesome in chronological aptitude of people and places in DC. For visitors looking for a small bit of everything—history, breakfast potatoes, and decent coffee—Martin’s Tavern is a place to go.

And if we can get counter 6 or list 12 and brunch like a former presidents, all a better.


Originality: 6

Diversity of Menu: 8

Presentation: 6

Quality: 8

Price: 6

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