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March 19, 2018 - table lamp

Today IKEA has announced that a IKEA Place protracted existence app, formerly disdainful to iOS, is now permitted for Android. With it, impending seat business can see if a given IKEA product will be a good fit—in each sense. From relations sizes to cultured comparisons, we can name usually a right side table, lamp, or shelf to fit your sold niche, and even hunt for your existent IKEA seat in a app.

IKEA Place is free, yet it does have singular hardware compatibility. Since it uses ARCore, you’ll need a compatible device like a Pixel, LG V30, or Galaxy S7 (or newer).

The app provides “true-to-scale” 3D models for a far-reaching accumulation of a company’s products, permitting we to see what they’d demeanour like in your home before purchasing them. So possibly you’re usually checking to see if a specific flare will demeanour good subsequent to your existent furniture, or if you’re unit sport with seat chain in mind, possibly way, a app can help.

To coincide with a Android launch, IKEA is also teaming adult with a lifestyle blogger for a “furnishing game” array called Matchers Keepers.

Personally, we consider it’s one partial Black Mirror and 3 tools extended cringe, yet presumably there are people out there that puncture this arrange of thing. IKEA has even enclosed instructions for those of we that wish to play during home (for some reason):

Hands-on with IKEA Place

But how good does IKEA Place indeed work? We were given allege entrance to a app for a discerning hands-on over a weekend, and we was generally tender with it on my Pixel 2 XL, yet it does bug out on occasion.


First-launch walkthrough (left) AR and primary interface (right)

Workflow for IKEA Place is simple. Fire it up, and it gives we a cutesy review walkthrough. After requesting accede to entrance a camera, it dumps we to a perspective of a camera with 3 icons. (Pardon a sameness of my overpriced Boston rental.)

Going from left to right, a initial idol lets we hunt for equipment we competence already have in IKEA’s catalog visually, powered by Grokstyle. The second idol allows we to find and name equipment in a catalog, possibly by acid in content or around a “Highlights” catalog. The third idol takes we to your saved list of favorite furniture.

Visually, a app looks roughly wholly relating to a iOS version. That means we can pattern to have inconveniently placed behind buttons in a tip corners for navigation. If we appropriate adult to use a program behind symbol instead, it’ll retard those 3 icons on a protracted existence feed for a while until it slides away. In general, it’s apparent a app wasn’t designed with Android in mind, and we found myself undone with a lot of small things about a interface regularly.

To place an intent all we do is name it in a catalog, daub “try in your place,” and it will seem floating in a protracted existence perspective usually in front of you. The controls for rotating objects are simple, a customary two-finger twist, yet in use it works inconsistently, ensuing in unequivocally jerky suit and a lot of frustrating excellent tuning. If we wish to line something adult precisely opposite a wall, it’ll take a while. Once you’ve got it where we like it, daub a checkmark button, and it will settle on a ground.

Just given it’s placed doesn’t meant it won’t move, though. Walking around the BESTÅ storage combination we forsaken opposite a wall, a position slid around by a good feet or so as we went from one side of a practical buffet to a other. The distance was also flattering distant off, so during some level, a app does run into problems possibly mapping a room or last depth.

How’s a Kullen entrance along? Ikea doesn’t arrange itself, we know.

This sold problem cropped adult about half a time we used IKEA Place. Sometimes it would map a room successfully and I’d usually see a few inches of stagger as we changed around, other times it would be as we see above. Even in a best circumstances, seat placed around a app changed around during slightest a bit, and a relations distance of objects wasn’t always perfect.

These should substantially be a same size.

I’m assured that all of these AR problems are a error of Google’s ARCore and not IKEA, as identical issues are mostly benefaction when regulating AR Stickers. Hopefully, Google can urge how it handles mapping spaces in ARCore, so apps like these can benefit.

IKEA Place is also sealed in portrait, that is flattering annoying. Although we can stagger a display, nothing of a icons or text-filled menus will spin to accommodate, that gets irritating fast. A sealed mural perspective of your home substantially doesn’t yield an adequate clarity of space or positioning, generally if we live in a close shoebox in a city like me.

You can get a improved clarity of space in landscape (above) yet if we enter a menu to supplement some-more seat we have to switch behind to portrait, or we get what we see below.

All in all, IKEA Place is flattering cool. It’s mind-blowing that we can see what an whole room full of nonexistent seat competence demeanour like from a phone. The app creates relocating and formulation things out reduction unsure than guesswork, and reduction vapid than graph paper and a list of measurements. Augmented existence really is magical. But IKEA Place needs improved support for landscape orientations, and a issues with mapping spaces inaccurately need to be ironed out (whether that’s a error of Google and ARCore or IKEA). Making some Android-specific tweaks to a interface would also be appreciated.

Interested parties can review IKEA’s full press recover down during a bottom, or check out a app for themselves once it’s been pushed live in a widget usually below.

Press Release

IKEA Place app launches on Android, permitting millions of people to reimagine home furnishings regulating AR

In a stability bid to make good pattern permitted to everyone, Inter IKEA Systems launches a new recover of IKEA Place today. The renouned protracted existence (AR) furnishing app contains new facilities and is now also permitted on Android devices.

IKEA is opening a universe of furnishing possibilities to millions of Android users around a world, permitting some-more people to see how a good square of seat competence amp adult their space. IKEA Place lets users quietly experiment, knowledge and “place” 3-D representations of some-more than 3,200 IKEA products into their space to safeguard that they are usually a right distance and design. From sofas and lighting to beds and wardrobes. IKEA Place is now permitted on Android for all ARCore concordant devices.

“When we initial launched IKEA Place, we gave a business a event to ‘try before we buy’ for a initial time given IKEA was established. Customers truly conclude that and we are now assisting them to emanate a improved life during home regulating a AR technology. Today’s recover is about bringing a palliate of IKEA Place to over 100 million Android devices”, says Michael Valdsgaard, Leader Digital Transformation during Inter IKEA Systems.

Visual search
The latest recover has a operation of new features, including Visual Search powered by Grokstyle. This allows people to take a pattern with their phone of any seat they see, and afterwards find identical or relating IKEA products by a app, prepared for purchase.

“Barriers between a digital and earthy universe are disintegrating fast. To keep gait with that change, we concentration on opening adult new ways for people to entrance IKEA, wherever they are”, Michael continues.

Play a furnishing game
To coincide with a launch of a IKEA Place app on Android, IKEA has teamed adult with lifestyle blogger Caroline Solomon (@lowcheekbones) to try a potentially relationship-saving use IKEA Place provides.
The app creates it fun and easy for couples, families and friends to strech common belligerent on pattern choices.

‘Matchers Keepers’ is a gameshow series, hosted by Caroline, where couples and flatmates group adult and find out how good their tastes unequivocally match. The grounds for a diversion is simple, and easy to play during home. Contestants use a IKEA Place app to collect and place a accumulation of seat equipment over a array of 3 rounds. Teams measure a win by picking out relating equipment and fixation them in a same mark in their room.

  1. It is elementary to play Matchers Keepers during home, with friends, or during family get-togethers:
  2. Download IKEA Place onto your phone and a phone of your partner.
  3. Select a space that’s in need of some home furnishing.
  4. Put thirty seconds on a clock, afterwards begin!
  5. Search for and Place what we consider looks best in a space.
  6. Time’s up! Share what you’ve comparison with your partner.
  7. If it’s a match, keep your partner! If it’s not a match, keep your partner and speak about what we have placed. Then play a diversion again!

source ⦿ https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/19/hands-ikea-place-uses-ar-see-ektorp-goes-lovbacken/

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