Hanging Lamp Glows Blue Thanks to Bioluminescent Bacteria

October 14, 2014 - table lamp

During certain seasons, in some tools of a world, it’s probable to declare sea waves intense a tranquil shade of blue. Keen to share this knowledge with others, Dutch engineer Teresa outpost Dongen has combined a bioluminescent list flare called Ambio. It combines pattern and micro-organisms to try a opposite ways humans can use inlet as a source of energy.

Ambio balances dual weights and a potion tube half-filled with an “Artificial Seawater Medium” containing a delicately comparison form of a singular luminescent class that start in a wild. To work a lamp, only give it a peaceful pull each so mostly and a weights will keep it relocating and glowing. This mimics a healthy routine in that a organisms accept oxygen each time a call turns


Teresa creatively started study Biology during a University of Amsterdam, though after dual years she practical to Design Academy Eindhoven. She has given graduated, and mostly turns to inlet for inspiration. It’s transparent from her finished projects that biology and pattern both have a special place in her heart.

Check out a video subsequent to see Ambio in action:

The germ for a plan (Photobacterium species, removed from a octopus) was supposing by B.M. Joosse and R.M.P. Groen, dual Life Science and Technology students during a TU Delft who now work on prolonging a lifespan of a race for a probable subsequent era of Ambio.

Teresa outpost Dongen

Images by Teresa outpost Dongen

source ⦿ http://www.psfk.com/2014/10/lamp-turns-blue-ocean-power.html

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