Hat Table Lamp by Jake Phipps

June 9, 2016 - table lamp

jake phipps hats list lamps jeeves 1 Hat Table Lamp by Jake Phipps
Hats off to Jake Phipps for these fun, quirky shawl list lamps called Jeeves. Similar to a Jeeves Wooster shawl match lights, a list lamp, instead, has a minimal bottom that supports a classical bowler hat. It’s even adjustable, so we can ‘tip’ we shawl for control of light direction. Sweet, right? But they’re also flattering stylish, and their elementary pattern creates them appealing for complicated spaces. The bottom is done of steel and a shade is done of a nap felt with an anodised aluminum lining. The interior has a champagne tone finish, giving it an suitable small glam vibe. We adore them. Visit Jake Phipps to see more.

jake phipps hats list lamps jeeves 3 Hat Table Lamp by Jake Phipps


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