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November 22, 2016 - table lamp

Dear Heloise: We usually helped a daughter pierce into her initial apartment. We bought her a unequivocally lovable list flare (including a lightbulbs). She called after that day, unhappy that we would have to lapse it since it didn’t work once plugged in.

We suggested she try a lightbulbs in another lamp, and yes, they worked. We afterwards asked her to block a flare into a opposite opening that already had something plugged into it that worked. The lightbulb came on, and a flare worked!

We had to explain that some plugs work usually when a light switch is flipped on. She was shocked! We consider this spirit is value mentioning to others relocating into a new place who might not comprehend it’s a matter of plugging a object in and flipping a switch to get lamps, etc., to work.

Gina D., Knoxville, Tenn.

Gina D.: How sparkling to pierce into a new place! Really, how would she know to try opposite plugs and switches?

Dear Heloise: Recently, we motionless to refurbish my powder room by stealing a wallpaper and portrayal a walls. Because we wasn’t replacing a toilet, we had to figure out how to scratch and paint behind it.

I used a long-handled spatula from an aged grill set to scratch a wallpaper we couldn’t reach. we pointed it opposite a toilet for leverage. To keep a paint off a toilet, we lonesome a toilet tank with a cosmetic wardrobe bag, like a ones that are put over unresolved garments during wardrobe stores. A dry-cleaning bag also would work. Then we found a 1- to 1½ -inch fabric drum with a prolonged hoop during my internal hardware store that fit behind a toilet. The bag is disposable, and a toilet is still clean!

Camilla S., around email

Dear Heloise: we review your mainstay each day in a (Youngstown, Ohio) Vindicator and have used many of a hints printed. we also have been advantageous adequate to have had a integrate of my hints published. Thank you.

My new quandary was with my new Bible case. The zipper lift kept removing stranded inside during a bottom of a opening. we took a good pivotal sequence and trustworthy it to a zipper pull. Problem solved — no some-more struggling with a pull.

Janice F., Youngstown, Ohio

Dear Heloise: I don’t buy paper present bags anymore. Now we squeeze usually reusable cloth bags, that can be found during many stores year-round. Drugstores, grocery stores and even a lot of sell stores sell many opposite designs.

I keep an eye out for sales all year long, and collect adult one or dual to have on hand. And it’s an combined present that they can use for many things or pass along when they give a gift.

Marie P. in Miami

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