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February 26, 2016 - table lamp

Coastal vital goes civic in Pacific Beach

Crown Point

1,500 block feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, a courtyard, and double-car garage next a unit

Rob Snider and Brent Simmons had a brief list of criteria when they changed to San Diego final year: comfortable weather, by a beach, and modern. The integrate gladly left behind a snowy winters of Kansas City, Missouri (buh-bye!), though had reluctantly bid adieu to a complicated quarrel residence where they’d lived for 5 years. They hoped to find something identical here, and in one of those it-must-be-fate instances, a integrate stumbled on a LouisV building in North Park. Designed by Soheil Nakhshab of Nakhshab Development Design, famous for his minimalist purify lines and midcentury complicated aesthetics, LouisV was a pattern lover’s dream, with usually one problem: It was too distant from a beach for a boys from Kansas City. But wait—NDD had also recently designed a sister building in Pacific Beach. Rob and Brent were sold.


Brent says, “It was not usually what we were looking for, though a ideal location.” All 4 units in a Petros building underline courtyards that offer as entryways. Other pattern signatures include: a floating staircase with tradition steel railings, vast floor-to-ceiling windows, and a seamless indooor/outdoor flow. Since settling into their new home, that they share with their dual dogs, Aspen and Fletcher, a integrate has embraced a coastal lifestyle. Both bought bikes, and frequently pedal to Sail Bay and a beach and back. “We adore it!” Brent says. “I haven’t been on a bike given center school. It’s a best highlight reliever ever.” Welcome to SoCal!


When in SoCal, take it outside. One of a unit’s singular elements is a yard entry. West Elm marketplace lights make it a desirable mark to loll or entertain, while a porcelain tile flooring transitions from outward to a indoor kitchen and good room. The same tile runs via a home—even into a showers—for continuity. Sounds like courtyards are a new foyer! Sofa accessible during Crate and Barrel, bistro list from CB2


When Brent and Rob detected a building, it was a mostly vacant canvas. “We had a event to come into a code new skill and still make it a own,” Rob remembers. They were means to make personal pattern choices, such as a kitchen backsplash, opting for a gray and white straight design. The integrate loves a open kitchen blueprint and a luxe Bosch appliances. When it comes to decorating, both Rob and Brent take an equal role. “I’ll pierce something and he’ll pierce it back,” Rob says. “It’s roughly like a fun war.”


Shades of Gray

Rob and Brent used peel-and-stick runner tiles by Flor in a dining room, master suite, and vital area. “We adore Flor,” Brent says. “It usually creates sense.” In a dining room, a tiles are organised stylishly underneath a complicated table, one of a few pieces of seat to make a pierce from Kansas City.

Upstairs, a gangling bedroom doubles as an bureau and boasts views of a plateau and downtown. The integrate took advantage of West Elm’s in-home pattern services to assistance tie a spaces together. Here, a array of colorful prints and a neat cognac-hued leather chair (both from West Elm) offer as stylish accents to a bluish sleeper lounge by Urban Fusion Decor in Hillcrest, that is also where they bought a gray sectional in a vital room.


In a master suite, a striped wall creates a artistic statement. “It’s a good focal point,” Brent says. Not graphic is a couple’s meticulously organized, swoon-worthy walk-in closet. (Table flare and bed from overstock.com, pedestal list from Ikea)


The pattern elements combine in a good room, tangible by a overwhelming potion walls and pools of healthy light. The floating staircase showcases a designer’s midcentury complicated roots. “My architectural designs have been dubbed as ‘new-wave complicated midcentury,’ since I try to move to life a ideals used by a modernists with a uninformed take matched for today’s tastes,” explains Soheil Nakhshab. Another fact to note is a “truly artistic work” by Jason Spakes that went into a tradition steel handrails, that continue down a stairs to a two-car garage next a unit. The garage is inarguably another perk, because, really, who wants to understanding with travel parking in P.B.?


source ⦿ http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/San-Diego-Magazine/March-2016/Home-The-Modern-Beach-House/

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