Homemade taste to order: 3-D printers come home

December 2, 2014 - table lamp

Looking for that ideal light for your home office? A new chair or coffee table? You competence try creation it yourself, during home, with usually a click of a button.

Three-D printing, a newness once indifferent for scholarship fiction, is going mainstream interjection to cheaper, some-more permitted technology.

The printers, that now cost as small as $300, use lasers to blast out covering on covering of plastics or other materials, combining 3-D objects.

And if we don’t have a time, income or desire to deposit in a 3-D printer of your own, there are hundreds of websites offered lights, coasters, sculptures, seat and even wallpaper crafted by 3-D printers.

New York-based Shapeways, for example, allows users to make, buy or sell three-dimensional designs. Products embody a delicate, twig-like egg crater for $8 and a flare that looks like a chief fungus cloud for $1,389.

“We are consistently vacant by a implausible uses a business find for these materials,” says Alex English, owners of a 3-D copy plastics tradesman ProtoParadigm.

Just some of a taste equipment we can buy or build with 3-D printing:


Among a many renouned — and thespian — 3-D products for a home are lights, either roof pendants, list lamps or building lamps.

Belgium’s .MGX by Materialise, a colonize in 3-D printing, is famous for museum-quality, unconventional designs. Among a many renouned is a Bloom list flare (about $2,600), a flower-bud desirous pattern with joints that we can enhance or fall to recover or enclose light, says selling manager Katrien Vandenplas.

Shapeways offers dozens of lamps combined by some of a site’s some-more than 11,000 “shop owners,” or designers. The honeycomb-inspired Veroni lampshade, for instance, costs as small as $15 and comes in a accumulation of colors and materials trimming from a customary cosmetic to tender steel and steel.

Wall hangings

Statement pieces for your walls run a progression in a 3-D copy world.

Shapeways’ fragile “Whales” ($48) lends complicated sophistication with a ethereal delivery of dual swimming whales crafted from white plastic. They roughly seem to open off a wall. Florida-based Proton 3D Studio offers a small kitsch with a Pop Art-like cosmetic Pi pitch ($21) and a word “geek” crafted in orange cosmetic book lettering ($24).

Sweden’s Kredema Design has one of a some-more “off a wall” home-decor products: a three-dimensional wallpaper that rolls out divided from a wall to form shelves, repository holders and even lampshades. Made from sheets of acrylic and wallpaper, a “Off a Wall” collection is permitted by special sequence only.


From pattern frames to vases and even planters, we can pattern or find usually about anything home-related regulating 3-D copy technology.

Shapeways recently combined glassy ceramic to a list of materials, creation it probable to qualification personalized plates, mugs, salt and peppers shakers, and other equipment for a table.

Blogger and tech consultant Michael Sitver designed some personalized coasters in about 90 mins regulating a 3-D CAD program called Autodesk Inventor. He printed them adult during Shapeways’ website.

“This is a good plan for beginners,” says Sitver, of Weston, Conn. “because conceptualizing it doesn’t take too most work, nonetheless it helps beginners get proficient with a collection concerned and a process.”

He calls his new coasters a “wonderful review piece.”


It competence sound like a high order, nonetheless it’s probable to qualification tables, chairs and other furnishings with 3-D printers as well.

They’re not inexpensive though, during slightest not yet.

A day bed crafted from white nylon cosmetic will run we scarcely $20,000 on Shapeways, while .MGX by Materialise offers several chairs, stools and tables that demeanour some-more like works of art than something to lay on. They also run into a thousands.

But there’s a lot that’s still probable with this burgeoning technology, generally as it gets cheaper and some-more accessible.

“When kids are unprotected to this technology, they don’t even blink an eye when something is printed,” Vandenplas says. “When they are older, 3-D copy will fit into their lives most like a Internet and smartphones fit into a lives today.”

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