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December 26, 2015 - table lamp

While Sebring might be a plcae of an general raceway, it is also home to many residents who accost from opposite a globe. Local business owner, Miguel A. Munoz-Ortiz, creatively from Madrid, Spain is one of them. “I came to a United States for college,” he shares. “I met my wife, got married and motionless to stay.”

In a decades given then, Munoz-Ortiz has owned a accumulation of businesses, including a ancestral Tremont Hotel in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. This 1868-era building was famous as a glorious hotel in a area before it was eventually ripped down in a late 1990s. During a 100 years or so it charity camp and epicurean dining, Munoz-Ortiz struggled as did all a owners of this ancestral property. “It was a pleasing experience, though one we were not means to make profitable,” he lamented.

Once he changed to Sebring, he operated a Magnolia Tea Room and enjoyed charity internal residents a silken dining experience. “While I’ve enjoyed owning and handling restaurants and been a business owners all my life, we returned to offered seat about 6 years ago. we find this to be a improved fit for me.”

Offering upscale used seat and delicately comparison shipment pieces, Munoz-Ortiz focuses on providing a best prices on any piece. “I trust we offer a many reasonable prices in town. we know a economy in a internal village and know people design really good value,” he adds.

At Sebring Furniture, located during 325 North Ridgewood Drive in downtown Sebring, there is something for everybody and regardless of your bill or need, Munoz-Ortiz is happy to assist. “I yield personalized, accessible service,” he modestly asserts. “I offer smoothness if it is indispensable and give courtesy to my customer’s needs.” Speaking smooth Spanish, he is means to support scarcely anyone who visits and takes tradition orders as good as requests for special items. “If we wish something particular,” he offers, “Leave me your phone series and we will find it out for you. we accept new sell twice weekly and we also buy whole households of furniture.”

If we have seat to sell, give Munoz-Ortiz a call. “For higher-end equipment or vast items, we will sell them on consignment. If it is only a few pieces or one antique or high-quality used item, we will buy it undisguised if we trust there is a marketplace for it.”

At Sebring Furniture, shoppers can design to find sofas, sectionals and recliners, bookcases, wall units and storage cabinets as good as hutches, conduct play and bedroom suites. “I have all forms of dining sets too,” he adds. “I sell both infrequent and glorious dining furniture, wall art and accent pieces. If we need a coffee table, lamp, table or musical equipment such as silk flowers or clocks, stop in to see what is now available.”

As a business owner, Munoz-Ortiz is gratified to be means to offer a simplified selling experience. “I am used to being a one in charge,” he winks. “I like being means to make a decisions and safeguard my business are happy with my use and products. Customer referrals are still my best promotion and any time we accept one, we feel really proud. we like meaningful my business are happy adequate to send their friends to me as well.”

“I essay to offer new and upscale used items, antiques and a small bit of all in between,” he says. “I have been here 20 years and suffer this community. we float my bike around Lake Jackson and conclude carrying discerning entrance when we wish to transport to South Florida. This is a poetic area and we demeanour brazen to a growth of a colourful downtown over a entrance years. we trust we offer a good product to a local, operative community, with something for everyone, regardless of their budget. Stop in and see me subsequent time we need furniture. we demeanour brazen to assembly we and providing we glorious use and value.”

Sebring Furniture

325 North Ridgewood Drive, Sebring

(863) 386-1119

Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat., 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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