How to reinstate partial of a potion shade on a torchiere lamp

December 16, 2015 - table lamp

Q: One of a grandchildren knocked over a building flare recently, violation a tip partial of a lampshade. We are perplexing to find a replacement. The damaged block was a three-inch-high potion ring that tapers from 12½ inches opposite during a tip to 8 inches opposite during a bottom, wise onto a steel ring with another block of potion below. The flare doesn’t uncover a manufacturer’s name, usually this: SKU #82067.

Silver Spring

A: Many styles of deputy potion shades for torchiere lamps are available. But scrolling by countless online catalogues didn’t spin adult anything like what we need. The shades typically finish down to an opening usually a few inches wide, not 8 inches.

That leaves we with 3 options: Commission a custom-blown shade. Hire a glass-blowing emporium to customize an off-the-shelf deputy shade so it fits your lamp. Or reinstate a whole lamp.

Two places that infrequently make custom-blown shades are Corradetti Glassblowing Studio in Baltimore (410-243-2010; ) and D.C. Glassworks in Hyattsville (301-927-8271;

“Sometimes” is an critical qualifier since people who scrutinise about commissioning a tradition shade mostly confirm not to ensue since of a price, pronounced D.C. Glassworks Executive Director Dave D’Orio, who teaches potion floating and potion and steel casting. “Generally, it’s usually not cost-effective to try and imitate these parts,” he wrote in an email. Making a deputy involves some-more than usually floating a glass, he explained. Whoever done a strange shade substantially blew potion opposite a mold. But someone creation a deputy shade wouldn’t have a mold and would need to examination to get a thickness, figure and tone usually right. And after floating a glass, he or she would need to cut and gloss a bottom corner so it fits exactly.

Yet a custom-blown potion shade infrequently does make sense, generally if a shade is really elementary and tiny or if it’s for an costly or appreciated lamp, or for an antique. D’Orio didn’t give cost estimates. Julie Corradetti, who runs a business side of a Baltimore studio where her father blows glass, pronounced custom-blown shades start there during $200. But for a vast shade that needs cutting, as yours would, a cost could run to $500. For a organisation quote, a patron would need to email her during studio@

The Corradetti studio can also customize processed potion shades, though we would need to email her for a cost estimate. The online tradesman Lampglass ( has a few shades that competence work as a starting piece, including a Faux Alabaster Torchiere Shade for $70 and a Acid Etch White Swirl Torchiere for $85.

Online, new torchiere lamps with iron scrollwork and a reading light start during about a same price. Normande Lighting has one model for sale on Amazon for $52.06. But other torchieres cost hundreds of dollars, so depending on what catches your eye, replacing usually a shade competence make sense.

An practice round was left on a cooking list too long. The cosmetic in a round caused a finish on a list to literally melt. The topcoat and a finish underneath are now gone, and we am carrying problem anticipating someone who can come out to my home and correct a spot. The list is large, so it is formidable to transport. Do we know of a use that does this kind of work during a home?


Two companies that make residence calls for seat repairs are Furniture Medic by Karen in Northern Virginia (703-478-0080; furnituremedicbykaren.
) and Schoenbauer Furniture Service in Charlotte Hall, Md. (800-955-7603;

However, erasing a bald mark on your list will take some-more than a touch-up. “This arrange of repairs requires a whole list to be refinished (stripped, washed, sanded, stained and finished) in sequence to get a smooth, even result,” Erick Osman of Furniture Medic pronounced in an email. Osman and his hermit Mitchell possess a company, that used to have a emporium though now operates from their vans.

Katie Schoenbauer Morgan during Shoenbauer gave identical advice. “The existent finish would be nude off, a tip would be prepped, stained to strange color, and a finish would be sprayed to compare a strange sheen,” she wrote in an email.

Osman pronounced that they would pierce a list to a garage or block for a messiest steps: stripping and sanding. They’d move it behind inside to request a mark and finish, to safeguard correct heat for a finish to cure. He didn’t guess a cost though pronounced it would count on a distance and either a timber is veneer or plain and what kind of pellet it has.

Schoenbauer has a full-service shop, so a association would repair your list there. The cost would operation from $35 to $45 per block foot, depending on a form of finish and a glaze we want. The association would assign additional for pickup and delivery. Furniture Medic by Karen charges $20 to $40 per block foot.

Have a problem in your home? Send questions to . Put “How To” in a theme line, tell us where we live and try to embody a photo.

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