I Watched ’12 Monkeys’ Synced to Philips Hue Lighting

January 7, 2015 - table lamp

LAS VEGAS—Syfy’s 12 Monkeys array doesn’t start for another integrate of weeks, yet we got to watch a shave of it during a Consumer Electronics Show, synced with Philips Hue connected lighting. we also got to see some other cold Hue products in action, and pronounce with Philips about intensity developments to a connected lighting complement in a year to come.

First off, ’12 Monkeys’ looks awesome. It’s a sci-fi poser play based on a 1995 movie of a same name destined by Terry Gilliam. The tract is sincerely simple—a time traveler from a destiny lands in a benefaction day to stop a recover of a lethal pathogen by an classification called a Army of Twelve Monkeys. If a grounds alone doesn’t sell you, a uncover is substantially not your crater of tea. But it’s still value checking out if we have some Hue lighting in your home, since it unequivocally enhances a observation experience.

CES bug art (update)Using a Syfy Sync app, it automatically detects audio cues from a show, environment into suit a specifically designed “light track.” On a shave that we saw, this meant that all of a lights in a room incited a bluish white to coincide with a shaft of electricity and an explosion. But Hue has a whole tone circle to work with, so you’ll get a whole operation of colors as we continue to watch (if we saw a Hue-synced Sharknado 2, this is really similar.) The lighting is somewhat some-more resigned than you’d expect, and according to Philips, Syfy automatic it like that so as not to detract from a knowledge of indeed examination a show. The lighting did tumble out of sync somewhat during my observation session, yet we think that’s since a volume of a radio was too low to contest with some of a credentials noise.

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In further to a synced lighting, we also got a possibility to check out a latest 3D-printed lamps that Philips is offering. These are a distant cry from a elementary list lamp. One of a lamps, from Danish designers Strand + Hvass, uses some-more than 3,000 sticks to impersonate a outcome of shadows combined by fever violation by trees. It looks great, yet a  $3,499 cost tab means that it isn’t quite consumer friendly. But that hasn’t stopped them from selling—according to Philips, one user has 24 of a lamps in their vital room alone.

The association also showed off some prototypes for how Hue can be integrated with sensors. Opening and shutting a doorway can spin a light on or off, for instance. Slightly some-more engaging is a thought of lights automatically responding differently during opposite times. For instance, we don’t indispensably wish your lavatory light to spin on during full liughtness when we get adult in a center of a night.

That’s flattering most all Philips had to contend about destiny skeleton for a moment, yet it will be engaging to see how it tackles these issues, and that companies it partners with. For now, though, during slightest we have a Hue-synced 12 Monkeys.

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