If we see leprechauns tomorrow, we competence shortly be saying Jean Valjean

March 16, 2015 - table lamp

Today’s doctrine devise includes small people and small critters. Where to begin?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. The Union O’Leader (so-called any Mar 17) celebrates with a reader competition involving immature midgets, a.k.a. leprechauns.

Images of a diminutive people will seem in a special promotion section. The competition is easy: find and count all a leprechauns we mark in a territory and use a printed form (also accessible online) to write down your series and send it in. One entrance per person. All scold entries will be placed in a bucket, or hat, or something, and a leader will be drawn during random.

The prize: dual tickets to “Les Miserables” during a Palace Theatre and a $100 present label during a Hooked Seafood Restaurant subsequent doorway to a Palace.

Who, we competence wonder, comes adult with a French low-pitched as a esteem for St. Patrick’s Day?

That would be one of a promotion execs, who happens to be British and who final year came adult with a “count a shamrocks’’ competition in that he replaced four-leaf clovers for shamrocks. Saints safety us!

St. Patrick was also British, though he got kidnapped in a scrape of time and went to Ireland.

Which leads me, logically, to squirrels.

I came home a other night to find my bedroom ransacked: flare overturned, H2O potion spilled, waste all around. While putting things right, we suspicion we listened a scampering of little feet.

But a lady of a residence pronounced it contingency have been Mike and Spike, a grandkids, rough-housing. Maybe, we said.

The subsequent morning, a content from a lady of a residence was one word: Squirrel!

Somehow, pronounced squirrel had entered a home, messed with my stuff, and afterwards waited on a dining room list to hail a lady of a residence in a morning.

This reminds me that my father, as a five-year-old in his Candia one-room schoolhouse, was announced a child expert by a teacher, who couldn’t get any of a comparison boys to give an instance of a noun.

“Why, even immature Bernard knows what a noun is,’’ she said, branch to my dad, who was idly gazing out a window. He wouldn’t have famous a noun from a two-by-four though spoken a initial thing he saw.


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