IKEA Tables Wirelessly Charge Your Tech

April 22, 2015 - table lamp

The Wireless Charging collection facilities equipment that can conveniently assign adult mobile phones around a home

IKEA is rising a new operation of home furnishing equipment that can wirelessly tip adult a device’s battery. The Wireless Charging collection of seat with built-in chargers for concordant mobile phones aims to make bland life during home some-more convenient. As smartphones have spin an essential partial of a lives, IKEA motionless to make a charging duty a healthy partial of a homes.

wireless charging

This new operation of home furnishing products creates mobile charging some-more accessible, elementary and subtle. IKEA has used Qi record to spin seat into charging spots, incorporating wireless charging functions into tables, lamps, desks, and charging pads.

With this new collection, IKEA aims to make charging an easier and some-more constituent partial of a lives by enabling available charging via a home formed on a user’s personal needs. They would be means to simply set down a smartphone on their bedside list or a bottom of their flare and it would be charged up.

wireless charging

The Wireless Charging collection facilities equipment that operation in cost from $9.99 to $119, including a work lamp, building lamp, list lamp, bedside tables, elementary charging pads, and a wireless horse that fits into a MICKE and STUVA desks though can also be propitious into other seat equipment with a wooden surface.

Holly Harraway, Lighting Sales Leader during IKEA U.S., said:

With smartphones apropos such a healthy partial of a lives, we wanted a charging partial to spin a healthy partial of a homes. We know a business rest on their mobile inclination constantly and also hatred disorderly cables. That’s because we’ve combined this collection to make mobile charging a lot some-more accessible, nonetheless a lot reduction obvious.

Introducing intelligent ways to minimize wire confusion and revoke a series of charging inclination is only a tiny partial of a prolonged tenure joining to anticipating new, innovative solutions for a improved life during home.

wireless charging

IKEA’s Wireless Charging collection is set to be rolled out globally, with accessibility approaching in U.S. stores from late spring.


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