Ikea’s Big Catalog Secret? A Talented Furniture Impersonator

August 24, 2016 - table lamp

Last year, Swiss group Wirz Werbung Zurich gave us a new indicate of perspective on Ikea’s catalog by removing famous German literary censor Hellmuth Karasek to examination it. This year, to foster a 2016 edition, a group lets us in on because a famous book always manages to demeanour so good — and so “human” — by divulgence Ikea’s large secret: a seat impersonator.

The three-and-a-half notation film, destined by Bjorn Ruhmann, explores a life and processes of Torbjorn Lundberg, a 34-year-old process actor from Malmo, Sweden. Lundberg throws his heart and essence into literally apropos Ikea’s several pieces so that a catalog’s photographer can pre-plan a best looking pages.

He stands stiffly posing as a Billy bookcase, hangs from a rafters like Hektar match lighting and puckers his lips around a lightbulb as an Arstid list lamp. Throughout, he explains how heated a work is — he even has to cringe himself down– not only physically, though emotionally, when posing as smaller pieces.

It’s a rude job, as we see Lundberg sitting off meekly on a sidelines while a photographer takes central shots with a genuine Ikea pieces, giving a furniture, not a actor, all a love.

“We wanted to uncover a loyalty and a passion that is a basement of a catalog, though we wanted to be a bit humorous and self-ironic,” explained Wirz CCO Livio Dianese.

As for a casting, “We had this actor, Anders Back, who only was Torbjorn,” he said. “When we found him, we altered a script, that before was some-more about a big-headed dude, to a book that showed a exposed man doing his pursuit with a lot of dedication.”

We can’t wait to see what’s subsequent for Torbjorn and Ikea. It seems like his moves would make for a utterly innovative furniture-inspired yoga workout.

source ⦿ http://creativity-online.com/work/ikea-meet-torbjorn-the-man-behind-the-ikea-catalogue/48748

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