Ikea’s Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

June 30, 2015 - table lamp

IKEA's Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

Cheap and easy wireless charging sounds like Nikola Tesla’s anticipation brought to life. It’s officious unconventional to consider your smartphone could siphon adult extract only by fixation it nearby a energy source. And that’s accurately what IKEA wants to do with a new wireless charging devices. Yes, that IKEA—the Swedish seat empire.

Perhaps we aren’t aware, though IKEA has been inching into a wiring space as of late. Remember IKEA’s motorized station desk? Now a association has smart light bulbs and wireless charging solutions too, any as singular and practical as you’d expect. After all, as an IKEA executive told me recently, a association isn’t meddlesome in creation “gadgets.” It wants to sell elementary products that everybody wants and everybody can afford.

I spent a confederate of weeks with dual of a mainstays from IKEA’s new wireless charging lineup: a Nordmärke triple charging pad ($65) and a Riggad work lamp ($80) that has a charging pad built right in. Everything worked as advertised. Still, there are a few wrinkles that keep these inclination from being truly prepared for a masses.


What Is It?

IKEA’s wireless charging record is accurately what it sounds like. It’s a underline being built into a tiny series of seat items—namely, lamps and nightstands—but also sole exclusively as charging pads that we can set on tip of a aspect or implement in any square of furniture. Once a charging pad is plugged in, we only set your phone on tip of a rubber “+” sign. And it charges!

IKEA's Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

There are a confederate caveats, however. The categorical one is that your phone needs to be versed with Qi-certified wireless charging technology. If we use Android, there are a garland of newer smartphone that come with Qi capabilities built in. If we have an iPhone or any of a Android phones that aren’t Qi-certified, you’ll have to buy a special box that adds a wireless charging functionality. The second premonition is that, as with some other wireless charging mats on a market, your phone chain needs to be flattering accurate in sequence for a wireless charging to work. More on that in a bit.

Why Does It Matter?

Wireless energy was a destiny we were betrothed over a hundred years ago. Towards a finish of his life, Nikola Tesla laid a substructure for today’s wireless charging record and even believed that wireless electricity could energy a whole planet. That hasn’t happened yet, though we’re removing closer.

The IKEA record uses initiation charging, not distinct a techniques that Tesla grown so many decades ago. However, a flatpack seat hulk has done wireless charging inexpensive and—here’s a genuine kicker—compatible with furniture. You can confederate a wireless charging right into a nightstand or list now. IKEA is certain to deliver millions of people to a new preference they hadn’t deliberate before. Plugging things in and out all a time is a pain in a ass. Wireless charging creates it easier—except for when it doesn’t.

The Case Issue

I like my phone naked. And given we only got a pleasing new iPhone 6, we suffer how a skinny splinter of aluminum and potion slides in and out of my pocket. However, iPhones are not Qi-certified, so in sequence to use IKEA’s wireless charging technology, we had to cover my phone with a plasticky, ugly, and surprisingly massive case. The iPhone 6 cover ($25), for instance, juts out an additional in. during a bottom, and a additional hunk of cosmetic creates it roughly unfit to block in my headphones. The protrusion emanate is reduction serious with a iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 cases that IKEA sells. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good choice third celebration options for Qi-compatible iPhone cases.

IKEA's Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

It’s not only iPhones that competence have trouble. Samsung Galaxy owners will also expected need to buy a deputy IKEA backplane ($15) in a same sure-to-get-dirty splendid white tone as a iPhone case. This is a tiny reduction irritating than a corpulent iPhone version, though it’s not utterly a seamless knowledge we might’ve been anticipating for with a destiny of wireless charging—unless you’re propitious adequate to have a Qi-certified phone. You can also buy a dongle that enables wireless charging but, let’s be honest, dongles are flattering dumb.

The good news, we guess, is that a Qi customary is apropos some-more widespread, so destiny generations of iPhones competence not need any assistance during all. The new Galaxy S6 already has wireless charging built in. The bad news is that there are competing standards for wireless charging, and it’s still misleading if Qi will come out on top. Inevitably, Apple could confirm to takes sides with PMA—Starbucks did only that final year when it commissioned wireless charging pads in a stores—and afterwards IKEA’s Qi-powered complement would make even reduction clarity for iPhone users.


Once we got over a box situation, we found a wireless charging pads to be flattering magical. You only place a phone on a charging pad, and it magically charges. Simple! Much to my delight, a wireless assign time wasn’t noticeably opposite than with my Lightning cable. And notwithstanding a many warnings about wireless charging generating additional feverishness and deleterious my battery life, it didn’t fell like my iPhone got unequivocally prohibited during all. Generally speaking, it was flattering easy to collect my phone adult off a pad, check a text, and put it behind down to continue charging up. Sometimes it requires a tiny bit of refinement to get a phone positioned correctly. You have to place a core of your phone over a core of a “+” sign, though it will assign regardless of orientation. Eventually, we got used to it.

IKEA's Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

On a pattern side of things, we unequivocally desired a demeanour of a flare and pad. Both were positively equipment I’d be unapproachable to have in my home. The timber sum on both equipment feel luxurious, and there’s a good heft to a flare interjection to a expel iron construction. There’s also a gangling USB pier on a flare and incomparable pad, so we can technically assign some-more inclination during once.

No Like

I hatred a case. Like we pronounced earlier, I’m generally a case-hater, though this one is bad. The cosmetic feels like an aeroplane tray. The additional space on a bottom done it hang out of my pocket. The symbol slots on a side felt soft when we pushed a close or volume buttons. we only hated it.

IKEA's Wireless Charging Is Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

Should You Buy It?

That depends. Do we have an iPhone and hatred cases? If yes, we should substantially wait for a Qi-certified iPhone, since you’re generally going to hatred a IKEA wireless charging case.

That said, copiousness of people won’t need cases. IKEA has a accessible apparatus that will tell we if your phone is Qi-compatible. The list of inclination includes smartphonnes like a Samsung Galaxy S6, a Google Nexus 4 by 7, many newer Nokia phones, and name Motorola phones. If we have one of these phones, you’re substantially going to adore IKEA’s wireless charging technology.

With pads starting during only $28, this is one of a cheapest ways to get into wireless charging yet, and if we like it, we can confederate wireless charging into your seat as well. Personally, we consider a palliate and morality of a cord-free lifestyle is value a tiny investment it takes to get started. But for now, my Lightning wire is adhering around.

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