Independence Day and Astros baseball

July 4, 2015 - table lamp

I’ve mostly wondered what it would have been like to be an Average Joe during a time when a Second Continental Congress met to announce autonomy from Great Britain on interest of a Thirteen Colonies.  Here we am, sweaty and stinky after a day of tough labor on my farm.  I brush down my animals after settling them into a stable and make my approach opposite a black yard to a house.  The oil flare and grate inside a residence are a usually lights, murdering my night prophesy given hey, a electric light tuber won’t be invented until a day my great-grandson is tillage this land.

The mother and we lay during a list with a boy, and I’m spooning in my soup when we hear a sound of hooves, a equine galloping into a yard.  “A small late for visitors,” comments a mother as she reaches for a musket.  The sounds of dismounting, and afterwards a strike during a door.

“Who is it?” we ask.

“It’s neighbor Jeb! Big news from Philadelphia!  We’ve announced a autonomy from Great Britain!”

A pause, and we contemplate this.  “Huh.  Says who?” we ask.

* * *

Think about it.  A handful of guys accommodate in Philly (where they were substantially booed on element by a locals) and confirm on interest of a hundreds of thousands of replaced Europeans on this side of a Atlantic that we would go to fight for a leisure opposite King George.  And a people, who didn’t know any of these fellows and substantially mostly usually endangered themselves with either or not a stand was going to come in that fall, went along with it.  They didn’t have CNN or Fox News to tell them what they should think.  They didn’t have Sean Hannity or Al Gore or Matt Damon to lean their opinions.  They had occasional newspapers (not that many people could read), city criers, and good-old-fashioned gossip.  And they went along with it. Revolution. That’s kind of a large deal.

I theory they unequivocally didn’t like tea and stamps.

The news didn’t transport by Twitter, it had to be palm carried or reported around a gossip mill.  Most of a people receiving this news would never have listened of a Second Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or any of a other first fathers.

How did it come to pass that a adults of a Thirteen Colonies (not unanimously, true) supposed a word of sum strangers that not usually should we insurgent opposite a many absolute republic in a famous world, yet that we had a damn good possibility of winning?

* * *

John Adams remarked that a anniversary of a stipulation of autonomy should be celebrated with celebrations, parades, shows, illuminations, eremite observance, and sports.  Sound advice, and we’ve taken it ever given Jul 4th, 1777.

Sports have altered a small bit, though.  In a 1770’s, a competition that was America’s Pastime competence have been longhorn baiting, that while not separate from American Football, was a distant cry from a diversion of base ball that came along a hundred years later.

Other sports with that a revolutionaries might have entertained themselves with included racing to secure cannonballs (PDF link), wrestling, Crossfit (yes, really…apparently General Washington speedy his group to attend in games of exercise), and a diversion called Wicket.

Wicket was identical to cricket (also played during a insubordinate war), yet many importantly to us, it was a diversion that compulsory a batsman to strike a round with a prosaic wooden bat after a round was been bowled toward him by another associate .  Oversimplifying, a first fathers and their armies played baseball.  Or tighten adequate that a eminence shouldn’t matter to us fans of a grand aged game.

The late 19th century saw orderly base ball turn a tradition during Independence Day festivities, and this tradition continues.  American football might be aristocrat in a radio ratings, yet ball is still America’s pastime.  List a things that are classically identified as truly American:  Jazz.  Apple Pie.  Chevrolet.  Baseball.  Nobody says football, even if it’s true.  They contend baseball.  There’s something that feels truly, well, American about attending a ball games and saying a pennants while eating some peanuts on a balmy summer day, dropping a shells during one’s feet.

* * *

This year will be a 54th jubilee of American autonomy given a first of a Astros authorization in 1962.  Join other Astros fans during 12:45 PM by creation a diversion a partial of your holiday routine.  I’ll be with my family.  Most likely, we’ll be barbecuing prohibited dogs, celebrating with red, white, and blue decorations, celebration frail American micro brews, and examination a Houston Astros play baseball.

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