Inga Sempé unveils updated lighting collection for Wästberg

February 10, 2016 - table lamp

Stockholm 2016: Inga Sempé’s lighting collection for Swedish code Wastberg now includes a translucent glass list lamp, as good as a taller version of a previously launched w103 light.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

Both a Lampyere and w103f models are on uncover during Stockholm Furniture Fair, that takes place from 9 to 13 February.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

French engineer Inga Sempé – who recently designed a collection of rectilinear mirrors for Danish code Hay – has been operative with Wästberg given 2010.

For their many new collaboration, she updated a successful w103 model, that was creatively recognised as a list lamp.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

Like tothe w103, a w103f facilities a hand-spun aluminium shade upheld by a skinny steel stand.

“The new building flare w103f is completing a existent operation of list and match lamps named w103,” pronounced a designer. “Each of a elements are modular to concede opposite configurations.”

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

These tractable elements embody a tiny disk-shaped height that can be lifted or lowered to offer as a table, and a light that can be screwed in a true or a slanted position.

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“The shade spreads a plain and ease light that gives a soothing atmosphere, ideal for a vast room or for a comfortable reading corner,” pronounced a designer.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

Lampyre – initial launched by Ligne Roset in 2007 – comprises a cylindrical bottom ancillary a vast conical shade, any done of translucent glass parts.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

The code describes a potion as “opaline” – a word coined to report a musical character of potion done in France from 1800 to a 1890s, featuring a pale appearance.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

“The flare glows inside equally from bottom to top, swelling a plain and ease light that can be really splendid or be decreased to a halo with a dimmer,” pronounced a designers.

Sempé’s collection for Wästberg is on uncover during Stockholm Design Week, that runs from 8 to 14 Feb 2016.

Lighting by Inga Sempe for Wastberg

Other projects presented during a satisfactory embody a collection of mirrors with indented leather frames, rugs designed for a Texas art gallery and carpets that underline patterns formed on London’s textures.

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