Instructions on how to make a flare with negatives

September 15, 2017 - table lamp

You’ll need

  • a squared off list flare done of potion with a well-spoken surface

  • an LED tuber that doesn’t get too hot 

  • lots of negatives

  • Modge Podge and

  • a brush 



Put down a operative surface, as a polish is really sticky, 

Measure out how prolonged a negatives have to be to fit one side of a lamp. 

You can glue the film strips horizontally though they also demeanour good when glued vertically. 


Apply your glue and hang your negatives down well. Glue a seperated sides so they overlie and cut off extending ends. 

From time to time or during a really end, widespread your glue over a negatives as well. 

Glue a negatives down good along all 4 sides. 

Once you’ve finished gluing, we can hang down a edges with cellophane fasten so a corners are dull off. 

Now you’re really particular flare is finished.

All we need to do is spin it on to bask in memories of days left by. 


Good to know

We were regulating tone negatives, though we can also use black and white ones that will give a flare a certain retro look.

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