international pattern biennale RE FORM shares works from 10 countries

June 26, 2018 - table lamp

international pattern biennale RE F O R M has non-stop a doors to innovative arriving designers. 10 countries are represented in a 20 works, that were comparison by an general jury. a muster facilities initial pattern works, such as a silicone runner with walls and a brush done of coronet and equine hair.

revolve by flensted mouritzen (dk) plaster, hide, glue and pigments
a work is formed on an seductiveness in aged trebuchet materials and moulding techniques



the biennale questions a existent and gives room for experiments and creation within design, architecture, art, and craft. ‘it is all about focusing on a routine but being singular my fixed functions, forms or categories,’ says maria bruun, seat engineer and one of a founders of RE F O R M pattern biennale. ‘RE F O R M is a height to stop somewhere between a commencement and a end, where new functions, forms, materials, and processes appear. pattern needs to develop – like all else around us.’ 

a overpower of bland – exercise of materiality by vinnie hedegaard frederiksen (dk)
clay excavated from a depot moraine and tile; a judgment of materiality in terms of a possess conditions



the works, that are featured both inside and outside, are comparison by a veteran jury and hold during ‘munkeruphus’ exhibition space in dronningmølle, denmark — a home and workplace of one a many versatile and innovative designers and artists of a 20th century, gunnar aagaard andersen. ру found it essential to try new methods and materials and surpass a boundary of pattern and art.

a runner with walls with openings by márk redele (hun)
silicone rubber; a work that is to furnish a array of realities traffic with a architectural denunciation of opposite scale and nature


kind of brush by kasper kjeldgaard (dk)
coronet and horsehair; reforms a thought of a brush by per materials, techniques, and shapes as a element that can be modulated


watchful room by thomas ballouhey (fr)
polystyrene, MDF, hunger wood, cardboard, pigment, sand, PVA glue and epoxy; a plan explores cardboard, froth and polystyrene as tender materials of a 21st century


if we contend so — a list flare by pettersen hein (no/dk)
concrete, pigment, iron siren and led tube light; a form suggests a proceed we read, decode and correlate with and model objects


simulate wall flare by mette schelde (dk)
steel and aluminum; explores light reflections on a slope black colored aluminum aspect and a outcome on a room surrounding it


doubt bricks by ida elke (dk)
bricks, mortar, and polyurethane-rubber; regulating bricks as a member in complicated seat and formulating seat formed on prefabricated elements and customary formats


colonnade by manuel canu (it)
unfired clay and wood; unfired clay is a physique of a step ladder that lies on a wooden structure stoical of aligned wooden pins


LUX by rosenmeier+foersom (dk)
lead and glass; desirous by stained potion windows in aged churches, explores a manipulative outcome stained potion has on reality.


a once glass cosmetic – partial twoy b julien manaira (fr)
open molds are filled with glue creosote covering after covering to emanate a square that is a new proceed to cosmetic as a material


IO light by örn duvald (dk/isl)
colored rubber, neon tube, and untreated ash; an review into light and translucency, element composition, geometry and scale


project info:


open until: august 26th

photography: benita marcussen

RE F O R M team: maria bruun, rasmus bækkel fex, jens dan johansen and louise hagemann


designboom has perceived this plan from the ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we acquire the readers to contention their possess work for publication. see some-more plan submissions from the readers here.


edited by: maria erman | designboom

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