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September 1, 2016 - table lamp

Mark Sisco | Jun 17th, 2016

James D. Julia, Fairfield, Maine

Referring to a far-reaching accumulation of offerings, with estimates trimming from $50 to a entertain of a million, during his Jun 16 and 17 lamp, glass, and valuables auction in Fairfield, Maine, auctioneer Jim Julia noted, “You can’t go anyplace on a world earth and see what you’ll see here.” Julia gives about a 20-minute spiel before any auction, explaining auction shopping and selling, including a sermon on his “secret recipe” for attracting in-person bidders, that includes remuneration for a night or dual during a internal hotel if we buy adequate and a intemperate giveaway lunch smorgasboard even if we don’t. Nevertheless, high-end buyers need to be prepared to partial with tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars during these multimillion-dollar events.

This Tiffany Studios red Geranium list flare led a sale during $94,800.

Only about 60% of all a lots offering found new homes. But that 60% totaled over $2.8 million. Top income of a dual days was for a Tiffany Studios list flare with red geraniums nearby a peak and vast sections of blue-green leaves opposite a credentials of confetti glass. The shade was sealed “TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK” on a interior rim, and a bronze library bottom on 5 turn feet was sealed “TIFFANY STUDIOS / NEW YORK / 362 / S175.” Complete right adult to a Tiffany pierced trip cap, it sole usually a hair underneath a tip guess for $94,800 (including buyer’s premium).

Apparently all on a expel bronze Queen Anne’s Lace oil cum electric list flare was strange solely for a glass. The font, with a four-arm spider and shade ring, was sealed on a underside with a turn practical tab reading “TIFFANY STUDIOS / NEW YORK / 27476,” and a bronze bottom was likewise marked. The bronze shade tip matched a rest, though a potion was a contemporary replacement. Nevertheless, it finished during $23,107.50 (est. $20,000/30,000).

A Handel domed and ribbed flare with a reverse-painted shade of a towering tide issuing from a woodland in a credentials with good abyss of margin and shining open leaflet and ruins of winter sleet on a rocks incited into a vital leader during $35,550 (est. $10,000/15,000). The shade was sealed “Handel 6826,” and it stood on a picturesque tree case bottom in ruddy patina.

This Handel flare with a reverse-painted shade of a wooded towering tide done $35,550. Julia photo.

Among a rarest lamps, if not a priciest, was a citation from a Suess Ornamental Glass Company. The business was founded by Max Suess and operated in Chicago from about 1886 to 1910, apropos a aspirant of Tiffany though though a vital name recognition. The organisation was stretched around 1900 by Max’s son Walter to embody stained-glass lamps. But flare prolongation continued usually until May 1908 when a bureau was severely shop-worn by a vital glow in that Walter perished, along with several employees. Julia offering a singular expel bronze Suess building flare on a bottom with three-dimensional H2O lily leaves and a shade of yellow and pinkish lilies with a strange bronze Suess cap. With a few parsimonious hairlines, it sole for $13,035 (est. $7500/9500).

This singular Suess H2O lily building flare stood unapproachable during $13,035. Julia photo.

A Duffner Kimberly wisteria building flare stood high amid a foe with a flower-ringed expel bronze bottom and a cylindrical riser with acanthus leaves during a tip and base, all in a middle brownish-red patina highlighted with gold. The shade had wisteria flowers and leaves set opposite a light immature ground. Unsigned, it fell usually underneath a guess for $47,400.

For some-more information revisit ( or call (207) 453-7125.

This woman’s gold and light yellow Cape solid ring with a core mill of about 5.15 carats and surrounding turn and baguette-cut diamonds of about .54 carats sum sole over a $10,000/15,000 guess for $20,145. Julia photo.

Numerous equipment from a singular Texas collection of Daum potion sole above-board and kick expectations. This 19¾” high vase with emblem of lilacs, stems, and leaves set opposite a light blue iridescent credentials and surfaced with a gilded ring of violets was approaching to move $2000/3000 and finished adult during $10,368.75. Julia photo.

The catalog suggested that this Tiffany Moorish flare with a striated immature Favrile potion physique had been electrified during a factory, as a strange oil burner and rise had been replaced, though a cord exited a side of a burner, and a flare physique was undrilled. The lighter immature shade was lonesome with a web of spiraling steel tendrils and unresolved turn and sequence tassels. Sold unreserved, it exceeded a $5000/7500 estimate, finishing during $14,220. Julia photo.

This Daum Nancy cameo flare has relating embellished scenes on a shade and bottom that are so picturesque that one could simply glance during a flare and consider we were looking into a genuine wind-blown, stormy stage of a pink-hued morning by a underbrush of wintry branches. Bidders appreciated it to a balance of $23,700 (est. $10,000/15,000). Julia photo.

This 19¼” high Daum Nancy vase, sealed with a cranky of Lorraine, shows birch trees station high amidst a timberland building of wildflowers. Signed with conjoined artist’s initials “AP,” it towered over a $3000/5000 guess to sell for $11,850. Julia photo.

This flattened 8¼” Gallé vase has vast purple and white penguins in cameo on both sides opposite a blue and white iceberg background. Signed “Gallé” on a side, it sole for a cold $46,689 with a $20,000/30,000 estimate. Julia photo.

Here’s a tiny 8″ high sealed “Daum Nancy” nightlight on 3 ash root twisted legs and feet complementing a grape root and cluster design of a glass, with an practical snail with a picturesque potion feet fluctuating from underneath a steel shell. There were no worries about offering this one unreserved. The guess was $3000/5000, and a cost was $17,775. Julia photo.

Originally published in a Sep 2016 emanate of Maine Antique Digest. © 2016 Maine Antique Digest

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