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February 14, 2015 - table lamp

palm beach complicated auctions

Photo of a accidentally dressed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sole along with a second print for $2,200, a tip cost for any of a Davidoff photographs in a sale.

palm beach complicated auctions

Photo of Jacqueline Kennedy and son John Jr. en track to church shows a initial lady, who had turn a conform icon, wearing a edging mantilla, a choice of conduct covering that sparked a trend among womanlike churchgoers. The print from a estate of Bob Davidoff, a Kennedy family’s central photographer when it was in chateau in Palm Beach, Fla., sole along with a second print for $1,220 during Palm Beach Modern Auctions’ sale of 20 lots of “Jackie” photos and personal notes.

It is some-more than 50 years ago that she was initial lady, though seductiveness in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who died 21 years ago this May during 64, stays strong.

At Palm Beach Modern Auctions sale final month in West Palm Beach, Fla., 20 lots of her personal photos and handwritten records sole for $28,400, and all were sole even before a auction began. People who could not attend had called in allege and left absentee bids on a “Jackie” items. They were lodged competitively by a auctioneer opposite in-house, phone, and Internet bids, and any of a absentee bids was high adequate that it met or exceeded a reserve, a smallest volume that a consignor would accept for a property.

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The china gelatin prints sole in 6 lots, any with an $800-$1,200 guess and with dual or some-more photos in any lot. They were from a estate of a Palm Beach multitude photographer Bob Davidoff, who for 40 years was a Kennedy family’s central photographer when a family was in chateau in Palm Beach.

Davidoff, who also was a residence photographer during The Breakers, a ancestral Palm Beach hotel non-stop in 1896, and a central photographer for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, died in 2004 during 78.

Most of a photos uncover Jackie dressed as a conform icon, though it was one of her accidentally dressed in white wide-bottom pants that brought a tip print cost of $2,200.

The records created on Jackie’s signature blue stationery with her “1040 Fifth Avenue” residence were to Bill Hamilton, afterwards a pattern executive for Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan-born New York engineer of Caroline Kennedy’s marriage dress, and to a New York interior engineer Richard Keith Langham.

The records to Hamilton, who dressed Jackie roughly exclusively from a 1980s to a time of her genocide in 1994, suggested how closely she worked with him on each fact of his design, infrequently promulgation him sketches like one for a fit with a single-breasted jacket.

The records enclosed such comments as “if we take a stuffing out of a tip sleeves that should help” she wrote about a zebra-patterned dress he was designing. Then there were a records like a one in that she wrote, “I am many vehement about my brownish-red velvet fit — really slight pants please!!”

Or a note
expressing her dislike for black clothing: “I am ill of saying everybody so constantly in black like in a Mediterranean villages where everybody is in anguish for 20 years.”

Hamilton removed that on one arise Jackie became so concerned with a sum of a pattern that she arrived during his bureau on her lunch mangle from her editor’s pursuit during Doubleday with a peanut butter and preserve sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil in her pocketbook.

The records to Langham suggested that she also collaborated closely with a interior decorator either it was about a cording for a pillow, a form of velvet for a chair or a tone of a upholstery for a chair.

“I wasn’t insane about a black chairs. Too complicated we am fearful — So do keep looking Thank you, J. Onassis.”

The tip seller of a 20 lots was a duplicate of a book “The White House” that Jackie sealed and gave to Langham, who was afterwards a immature engineer operative for Keith Irvine, a Scottish-born New York interior engineer who was famous for his English nation residence look. The marker antiquated Mar 4, 1987, read: “For Richard. Perhaps this grand residence will know your hold one day. Your friend, Jacqueline Kennedy.”

The book, that had an $800-$1,200 estimate, sole for $4,575.


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A collection of French art potion done by a Schneider glassworks deacessioned by a Museum of Fine Arts is featured in Doyle New York’s Feb. 18 Belle Époque Auction.

The collection comprises some-more than 70 vases, bowls, lamps, and setting equipment being offering in 41 lots.

Estimates operation from $200-$400 for a 4½-inch potion and wrought iron night-light to $1,000-$1,500 for a 9
-inch bulbous-form vase with shading from orange to amber color. A 23-inch potion and wrought iron list flare of fungus form in an orange and cobalt colored frosted finish also has a $1,000-$1,500 estimate, while a lot of potion articles that includes dual candle holders has a $200-$400 estimate.

The Schneider glassworks was founded in 1917 by Charles and Ernest Schneider, who had worked during a Daum art potion association in Nancy, France.

Schneider was one of a few companies that constructed dual opposite lines of potion during a same time. Some equipment were sealed “Schneider,” while others were sealed “Charder” or “Le Verre Francais,”
a latter being constructed from 1920-29 and in incomparable quantities than a “Schneider” sealed items.

After a batch marketplace pile-up in 1929 and amid other problems, a association ceased operation in 1931. However, in 1946 Charles Schneider’s sons, Robert and Charles Jr., easy a association and it remained in operation until 1987, when a brothers retired.


.   .   .

A watercolor depicting a marketplace stage by a Italian artist Ettore Simonetti
(1857-1909) and a span of Cartier 18-karat gold, emerald, and solid earrings from a estate of Mary L. Alchian, a former Palm Springs, Calif., jeweler who died final Jun during 90, were a tip sellers during Kaminski Auctions’ Jan. 18 auction in Beverly.

The portrayal sole for $21,600 (against a $3,000-$5,000 estimate) and a earrings for $20,400 (against a $1,000-$1,500 estimate). Other top-selling wealth enclosed an Art Deco platinum, diamond, and turquoise crawl bracelet ($14,440 opposite $7,000-$12,000) and a forged Chinese mount pin bordered with diamonds and rubies noted “T. B. Starr” for a New York jeweler ($11,400 opposite $2,500-$4,500).

Other highlights of a collection sole to advantage a California educational establishment enclosed a circa 1920s 18-karat white gold, pearl, and solid dusk purse that brought $11,400 opposite $7,000-$12,000 and a Cartier 14-karat bullion compress with diamonds and sapphires ($5,400 opposite $4,000-$7,000).

Among a tip offered lots from several consignors were a argent china English booze cooler that went for $14,440 and a span of argent china three-light candelabra that fetched $18,000.


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