Joe Rosson: Lamps with iridized amber potion done around 1965

October 11, 2015 - table lamp

I got this span of lamps some 20 years ago from a crony who bought adult an estate nearby St. Mary’s Hospital (Tennova). we have always wondered if they were value anything. The lamps have a night light inside a potion globe. They are fair glass. The roses seen on a side are metal, and a lamps are 39½ inches tall.

I left many of a family story out of a minute feeling it competence be usually a tad indelicate. But we know a feeling that these lamps contingency be “old” since of a story that is famous by a stream owner. Unfortunately, this can be unequivocally dubious sometimes.

First of all, let’s cruise a fact that electricity was not widely accessible in a United States until a 1920s and after. To be sure, some immeasurable cities had singular electric use in a 1890s (and even a bit before), though many of us had to wait until “rural electrification” was an achieved fact.

The statistic is that as of Jan 1925, out of 6.3 million farms in this country, usually 205 thousand had entrance to electricity from a unchanging utility. In East Tennessee, a lot of us had to wait for TVA to be a reality, and that was not until a 1930s. The indicate of all this is that electric lamps such as these were not in concept use until good after a 1920s.

In fact, a immeasurable infancy of all electric list lamps found are post World War II. In general, this means that roughly all — if not all — electric list lamps are not antiques and are not going to benefit that standing for decades yet.

Now, let me inspect a matter “They are fair glass.” The critical thought here is that we can widen a indicate scarcely out of figure and call these “carnival glass,” though they unequivocally are not. True they are amber colored “iridized” potion — though they are not associated to a products done by such companies as Fenton, Northwood and Millersburg — to name usually a few.

Carnival potion was initial done around 1907, and it was unequivocally renouned until a early 1920s, when it fell totally out of fashion, though a conform was regenerated many after in a century. Bluntly, fair potion was a inexpensive fabrication of a excellent products done by such firms as Tiffany, Steuben and Loetz, though these things were many too costly to find homes in many households.

Extremely inexpensive fair potion kind-of-sort-of filled a opening in normal homes, though no one who has ever seen a square of Tiffany, Steuben or Loetz would ever mistake a two. In any event, what J.D.L. has is a span of circa 1965 lamps done with a pulpy amber potion that has an inexpensive iridized finish that has usually a flitting attribute to genuine fair glass.

The steel conceal was hammered out and applied, and these are a kind of lamps that could be purchased in seat stores, dialect stores and a like. They were good lamps when they were new, and they are good lamps now, though people are meddlesome in them essentially for musical functions and a fact that they are still useful if scrupulously connected (rewiring does not consecrate a devaluation). A span of lamps such as this should sell in a $200 to $250 range.

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