John Devine arraigned in Marblehead murder

December 22, 2014 - table lamp

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John Devine is arraigned

John Devine is arraigned

John Devine was arraigned in Lynn District Court on Monday, Dec. 22. STAFF PHOTO/RYAN HUTTON

John Devine Facebook selfie

John Devine Facebook selfie

Selfie of John Devine, consider in Marblehead murder from his Facebook page.


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27 Sparhawk Terrace Marblehead MA

Posted: Monday, Dec 22, 2014 1:38 pm

Updated: 4:03 pm, Mon Dec 22, 2014.

John Devine arraigned in Marblehead murder

By Julie Manganis
Staff Writer

Salem News

MARBLEHEAD — A 28-year-old Marblehead male was being reason though bail Monday, charged with violence to genocide his 51-year-old partner inside a home a dual had been pity off and on for a past year.

John Devine, who was already available conference in an purported attack on a lady final month, is now confronting a first-degree murder assign in a genocide of Tanya Nichols, in a home during 27 Sparhawk Terrace in Marblehead.

Nichols was found Sunday morning by a former housemate who had returned to collect adult some belongings, a prosecutor pronounced during Devine’s prosecution Monday in Lynn District Court.

Nichols, who had once danced with a Boston Ballet, according to her sister, was found fibbing face down on a building of her bedroom, with blood around her conduct and damaged potion and several pieces of damaged seat nearby, including a leg from a nightstand, a bedpost and a list lamp, around her.

It is not nonetheless transparent that object was a murder weapon, used to broach a conduct wound that investigators trust caused her death.

Prosecutors contend Devine afterwards took a automobile that a lady had rented, with Maryland plates, and left her there, someday Friday night. He was speckled in Lynn on Sunday.

Questioned by police, Devine primarily claimed that Nichols grabbed him, and that she afterwards threw herself into furniture.

Another housemate told investigators he listened shrill noises entrance from a bedroom Friday night though incited adult a radio and afterwards fell asleep.

Later, a housemate said, he walked past a room, and saw Nichols on a building with blood on her leg, though didn’t consider it was anything serious, prosecutor Kim Gillespie told a Lynn District Court judge.

That housemate after certified that he deleted hit information from his phone for Nichols and Devine.

Last month, Devine was charged in a domestic attack box involving Nichols, after a housemate called police. But Nichols insisted that zero had happened, and a Lynn District Court decider eventually denied a ask of prosecutors to reason Devine on $1,500 bail and emanate an sequence that he stay divided from Nichols, according to justice annals and a mouthpiece for a district attorney’s office. That box is still pending.

He also was available conference subsequent month in an occurrence from final summer, in that he took Nichols’ VW Beetle and left for weeks; investigators after schooled that he had allegedly used a automobile as material for a loan to compensate justice fines in an progressing case, according to justice documents.

Nichols’ sister, Sabrina Joyce, pronounced she and other family members had pleaded with Nichols to leave Devine, though that Nichols was in adore and wouldn’t listen.

A illusive means conference is scheduled for Feb. 2 though it’s expected that a box will be presented to a grand jury and eliminated to Salem Superior Court before any such conference takes place.

Courts contributor Julie Manganis can be reached during 978-338-2521, around email during or on Twitter @SNJulieManganis.

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Monday, Dec 22, 2014 1:38 pm.

Updated: 4:03 pm.

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