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March 12, 2015 - table lamp

Most mothers would frustrate during decorating a space in all white, generally those with tiny children.

Not Kelli Kelly.

This singular mom of dual embraced her adore of white, splendid décor while also formulating a home suitable for her 9- and 11-year-old children.

Designer and tighten crony Lisa Flake says it is probable to emanate a kid-friendly space with a worldly look; Kelly’s Crestline lodge is proof.

“It’s ideally excellent to adorn with white. We both adore white,” Flake says. “Don’t be frightened as prolonged as it’s easy to clean. It’s indeed easier than cream. You can whiten white.”

The vital room is a excellent instance of Kelly’s intelligent use of white.

The front doorway opens to this space. Like many of a bedrooms in a house, it’s small, though they’ve done a many of it. Instead of a sofa, 4 white leather chairs are organised around a square, white coffee list in a core of a room. The leather is easy to clean, Kelly says, and a white lends a clean, worldly feel.

Flake says she likes to collect one tone to repeat in a neutral space such as Kelly’s. In this room it’s silver. A built-in bookshelf is filled with books lonesome in china jacket paper. “My mom helped with that,” Kelly says of a dozens of books wrapped in a lead paper.

A set of prints over a grate repeat a china theme. On a conflicting wall, Kelly placed rows of elementary white frames with black-and-white family photos on a existent shelves.

“I adore a wall of frames,” she says. “I consider it unequivocally creates a outrageous impact though keeps it from being cluttered.”

The adjacent dining room is a slight space that also serves as a pathway to a kitchen and other vital spaces. Because of this, Flake and Kelly wanted a dining list that could accommodate family and friends though also leave room to travel through.

They looked to crony and engineer Lucy Smith of Anniston to emanate a tradition list that would do usually that. The slight rectangle list is interconnected with a existent party seating in a house. On a other side, Flake combined acrylic spook chairs, withdrawal a transparent thoroughfare to a adjoining kitchen as good as a corridor heading to a children’s bedrooms and common bath. The mirrored tabletop and white walls creates for a well-spoken transition from a vital room to dining room, and a white décor continues into other areas of a house.

In a den, where Kelly says a family spends many a time, a white walls get another cocktail of color – mustard yellow.

From a Big Honker border accenting a fate to a yellow python pillows to a flower sculptures on a mantle, a tone brightens a white space.

A chocolate-brown lounge and leather bar chairs from Richard Tubb Interiors keep this room kid-friendly.

“I like a singular cushion,” Flake says of a sofa. “It creates it easier to keep neat. Leather is also easy to clean. we usually always tell people to do a blemish test. This one (on a chairs) doesn’t blemish easily.”

The white tone intrigue continues on a screened-in porch, another favorite family space. All a white slip-covered chairs and lounge are appurtenance washable.

“This is unequivocally a best partial of a house,” Kelly says of a porch.  “When it’s flattering we eat out here, we watch TV out here. We even have campouts here.”

The master bedroom is in a behind of a residence off a den. A flare served as a impulse for this space. Flake says she found it during her bureau and was usually watchful to find a use for it. “We built a whole room around that lamp,” she says of a blue-and-white list lamps.

They interconnected a white bedding with blue patterned pillows, adding fate with a same tone scheme.

While their mom chose white as a cardinal tone in her room, a kids went a opposite route.

When Kelly purchased their house, Carolyn was usually 4 years old, and pinkish was her favorite color. As she got comparison that changed, so Kelly and Flake astounded her with a room makeover.
“It was her Christmas benefaction in 2013,” Kelly says. “She was so excited. We astounded her. The walls were gray and pink. She was too aged for pink.”

The walls stayed gray, though a pinkish is gone, transposed with splendid orange immature and turquoise. They wallpapered a ceilings in a turquoise-and-white geometric print, and combined a delicate candelabrum and a wall-size counterpart that enlarges a room and also gives Carolyn a place to use dance. In place of a closet, she has an armoire, that has immature wallpaper in a potion doors to cover what’s inside.

It’s a fun and dainty space that a 9-year-old can suffer for years, Flake says. “She won’t have to redo this room,” she says. “I like to do bedrooms that are some-more mature, so they can grow adult in them.”

Andrew hasn’t altered his room, and Kelly suspects they competence not have to, either.

The 11-year-old loves a outdoor and hunting, that is reflected in his bedroom. The brownish-red fate are embellished with a steep settlement that matches a sham shams on his twin beds. Cardboard deer heads are hung above a beds, and a cow-hide carpet gives a space a hunting-lodge feel.

“He’s had his room this approach given he was 3,” Kelly says. “He really, unequivocally likes it this way.”

Andrew and Carolyn also unequivocally like a rest of a house, grown-up décor and all. Though a white tone palette wouldn’t seem ideal for kids, it’s worked usually excellent for these dual and their mom.

“I unequivocally usually wanted this residence to be fun and bright,” Kelly says. “It’s good for us. It’s not too big, and it’s not too small. It’s been perfect.”

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