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June 14, 2016 - table lamp


“IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ME to live by water—you can see a stream from my window. we used to live by a sea in Big Sur, after we changed divided from Hollywood in a ’60s. I’d been vital in Bel Air when there was that large glow in 1961. Later there was a mudslide. My residence cleared away; my furs slid down a mountain. The studio gave me a van, and we packaged what we could. But we remember all we wanted was a kosher plight and a pastrami sandwich. So we got this sandwich from a deli, though they were out of pickles. we pennyless down. The male during a deli said, ‘Lady, what’s so critical about a dill pickle?’ But, of course, it wasn’t about a pickle. Afterward, we gathering down a seashore for a time before pulling over and using exposed into a surf. we cleansed myself of Hollywood in a water. The square of driftwood on a list is from when we used to ramble a beaches, portrayal and sculpting. The table, that facilities a pleasing bronze chimpanzee, comes from France and was sculpted during a art nouveau era. All my life, I’ve wanted a live chimpanzee—so when we saw this list we had to have it. On a left side of a tabletop is a book given to me by Henry Miller, one he wrote called To Paint Is to Love Again. We were consanguine spirits, both desirous by nature. To a right are dual rosaries, one belonging to my grandmother and one given to me by Pope John Paul II in 1991. we used to rest them on a flare in a back. But we had a glow out here, too, and somehow a flare pennyless by a window and a rosaries were thrown clear, out onto a grass. So most was destroyed, though a flare and a rosaries survived. Behind a rosaries is a “minute box”—my father and we had it done when we were married 40 years ago. We save adult a mins we owe any other from bets, like personification cards. To a right is a sketch of my goat, Creature, and me. After we left Hollywood, we didn’t trust people. The people we met there wanted to know we since of who we were or how most income we had. So we incited to animals, like my dog Patches on a right, since they don’t caring who we are. The portrayal in a behind is not finished yet. we embellished as a immature lady and got sidetracked by Hollywood, though I’ve returned to it. It’s so healing. Finally, there is a hummingbird pin underneath a lamp; Jimmy Stewart bought it from Alfred Hitchcock after Vertigo and gave it to me. we wore a pin on a gray fit in a film. we hated that gray suit!”

—As told to Thomas Gebremedhin

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