Lamp lighted Park Ridge fire that forced 10 from home

July 30, 2017 - table lamp






Firefighters responded to a two-alarm glow on Park Avenue on Saturday night, Jul 29, 2017, imprinting a second glow in a precinct within 3 days.
Lyndsey Kelleher/

PARK RIDGE — The glow that forced 10 siblings to leave a Park Avenue home Saturday night was expected sparked by a flare placed too tighten to a blanket.

Gabriela Paulino, 23, was during home scheming for cooking with 9 of her younger siblings when a glow began. Her relatives and another kin were attending church services during a time, while a rest of a family stayed home.

“Two days ago we built a installation and we put blankets all over a walls and roof and we left it overnight,” Gabriella Paulino said. “Yesterday, what we consider happened was one of a lights held one of a blankets and a glow widespread unequivocally quickly.”

The glow has been dynamic to be accidental, Fire Chief Tom Derienzo Jr. confirmed.

The glow started shortly before 9:23 p.m. in a first-floor back bedroom of a 2½-story home, that is presently uninhabitable. All 10 of a Paulino siblings home during a time evacuated a residence safely. It was reported progressing that 7 people were during home during a time.

While Paulino was putting a pasta cooking on a table, one of her sisters remarked about the residence smelling funny. By a time she reached a back room, she said, it was already engulfed in flames.

Once everybody was safely out of a house, one of her sisters dialed 911 while a rest flagged down a circuitously military officer.