Lamp Post Cafe shutting doors this weekend

November 20, 2014 - table lamp

Posted: Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 3:03 pm

Lamp Post Cafe shutting doors this weekend

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ASHLAND When a final of a food is left this weekend, The Lamp Post Cafe in downtown Ashland will strictly be a memory.

“We wish to make it by Saturday, if not Sunday. We’re going to go as prolonged as a food lasts,” pronounced Shane Fields while hustling to get orders on and off a griddle for Wednesday’s lunch crowd, adding a staff wish to have one final possibility to see their unchanging business before they start clearing out a equipment.

News of a cafe’s closure came quickly, Fields said, explaining a restaurant’s primary banker motionless to not replenish a franchise for a space during a dilemma of Greenup Avenue and 15th Street.

“We’re dual years into it and it is a tough economy. While we’ve positively been relocating forward, we are a plant of a economy. We found ourselves with a backs opposite a wall,” he said.

“I need a side a gravy with it,” manager Heather Fields called out as he piled grilled mushrooms onto a burger before whisking eggs for a subsequent sequence up.

Fields pronounced a staff will many skip a people who’ve done The Lamp Post a partial of their lives. “A lot of good people come in here — a regulars who’ve turn some-more like family than only people entrance in to eat,” he said, citing good times with internal groups trimming from artists, poets and writers to historians, troops veterans and musicians. “It was roughly like a fun celebration entrance into work each day since we didn’t know who was entrance in.”

Challenges during a cafe’s dual years enclosed travel and H2O line renovations on dual sides, in further to amazing expenses.

“Our initial winter, a electric check only about killed us,” Fields said, recalling a cold snap that sent a shop’s energy check over a $2,000 mark.

The cafe’s signature challenge, charity a giveaway dish to anyone who could devour a large installed burger along with a outrageous sequence of fires, a cream-laden dessert and a splash within a set time frame, supposing a good time for staff, participants and other guest alike.

“We had one chairman win a challenge. we consider we had, all total, 16 people try it. So, that was sparkling to do,” he said, adding they will set a list for anyone who wants to try to tackle a charge before they close a door.

“They need to let us know if they wish that final hand so we can get all since as we sell out, we sell out,” Fields said.

Fields pronounced he leaves a business as a organisation follower in ancillary internal businesses.

“As we conduct toward Christmas we wish people don’t get stranded in a malls and online,” he said. “If internal people don’t support internal people afterwards who will?”

For some-more information about The Lamp Post Cafe, call (606) 325-5283.

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Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 3:03 pm.

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