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October 22, 2017 - table lamp

Q. we hereditary a list from my grandparents, who built a home in 1922. we assume a list was purchased during that time. It is 30 inches high, 27 inches far-reaching and is in packet condition. we adore a hardware, a fact work on a timber and generally a potion round feet. Marked underneath a tip are a difference “Louis F. Enonnast 500 — Chicago — Ill.”

Thank we for any information we can give me on a history, age and value of my family treasure.

A. Your flare or parlor list was done in a late Victorian Era. The round and scratch feet, incited legs with reed, steel brackets on a shelf and beading on a apron are standard of seat done in a 1890s and early 1900s. Based on your photo, a timber is mahogany. Louis Frederick Enonnast immigrated to a United States from Germany, in 1865 when he was 17. He became a cabinetmaker and in 1889, he founded his seat factory. The organisation specialized in creation library tables, dining tables and parlor tables. By 1900, his bureau was contracting 150 people. In 1914, a name became Louis F. Enonnast and Sons.

Your circa-1900 flare list can be seen offered in a operation of $450 to $550 on a internet.

Q. The enclosed symbol is on a bottom of a Mary Poppins conduct vase. The vase is 5 1/2 inches high and is in flawless condition. Mary is wearing a pinkish scarf, a black shawl with white flowers, and is holding a parrot hoop of her umbrella. Marked on a bottom are a words: “Walt Disney Productions — MCMLXIV.” we took my children to see a film when it initial came out. Knowing how most we favourite a movie, my sister gave me a conduct vase as a surprise.

One of my children would like to have it, and we wish we can give me some information. Is it collectible, who done it and does it have any value today?

A. Lady conduct vases, generally a Mary Poppins vases, are collectible. Most were done after World War II and fast grasped a imagination of consumers. Some enclosed earrings, thick eyelashes and pearls. They portrayed a mid-20th century ideal of beauty, glorious and sophistication. Head vases were renouned with florists, who filled them with flower arrangements. They were done by a collection of manufacturers and distributors including Enesco, Inarco and Lefton. Enesco was a heading distributor and importer of giftware. The Roman numbers mount for a date it was made, 1964.

Your Mary Poppins conduct vase would substantially be value $125 to $225.

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