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December 14, 2014 - table lamp

A Sakura 24-piece Koi assorted watercolor margin blueprint that runs around $36. 

So what do we wish for Christmas?

The comparison we get a some-more we onslaught to answer this doubt since a law is we don’t need anything. I’m unequivocally sanctified to have a smashing family, a roof over my head, food, entrance to dual operative vehicles and an superfluous accumulate of art and qualification supplies.

The thing we unequivocally wish is additional time. I’d adore a jar of time that we could open and shower around like shine when we wish to keep operative in my studio a small while longer before we change behind to my other veteran and family obligations. That would be awesome.

But it’s not satisfactory to ask Santa for unfit things, so instead I’m going to share some present ideas that we consider would be well-received by a artistic forms on your list. I’ll list a sell cost for a products below, however, several of these equipment can be purchased on sale or with bonus coupons during internal qualification stores or online.


When we initial started putting together a home studio after we graduated from college, we wasn’t meddlesome in spending income on lighting. That seemed so boring. At a time, we was focused on investing in weaving looms and other peculiarity tools, storage and as many chronicle and fabric as we could hide into a house. Sixteen years after I’ve altered my balance completely. Since we do many of my artistic work after dark, I’ve grown to rest on lamps that replicate healthy daylight. For a final integrate years, I’ve been operative to solemnly reinstate all a lamps in my residence with this arrange of lightening. These lamps are some-more expensive, though well-worth a investment.

I have a Daylight LED Slimline Table Lamp ($175) clamped to a bookshelf subsequent to my favorite chair and use it daily. Downstairs in my studio we have a Daylight Triple Bright Lamp ($180) clamped to my slicing table. Both of these lamps are tractable and have gotten me by many artistic all-nighters. I’m so trustworthy to a Slimline, that we take it along on camping trips so we can do my projects on a road.

Because we don’t have total resources, we have also invested in some reduce cost OttLite code building and list lamps. They sell for $30 to $200, though are deeply ignored frequently during internal qualification retailers, so they’re a good reduce cost option.

Speaking of lighting, we suggest a OttLite LED Mini flip light for roving crafters, generally those who like to tack in a car. The light sells for reduction than $20 online and creates it so many some-more fun for crafters to do their thing while roving shotgun after dark.

Needle Arts/Sewing

If we have a knitter or crochet fan on your list, this chairman competence have a thing for collecting needlework needles and crochet hooks. And while it’s fun to tack during home with aloft finish hooks and needles, many of us are demure to transport around city with collection that would be costly to replace. So we have a integrate options here. You can emporium for a high finish collection or tuck a colorful, though inexpensive set into a stocking. Most crafters would be happy to accept possibly present since many of us like to have collection for all occasions.

A box of Clover Wonder Clips would make a poetic present for a cesspool or quilter on your list. we use these clips to reason coverlet contracting in place when I’m palm stitching and to reason hexagons together when I’m whipstitching English paper piecing projects. These small red clips can be used for a accumulation of other artistic projects, too. While a box of 50 lists for $32.95, I’ve speckled pre-holiday sales for some-more than 50 percent off. They are also sole in reduce quantities, too. Shop around for a best deal.


As someone who can’t go a full day though holding countless photos, we frequency suggest slot lens attachments for a shutterbugs on your list. I’ve highway tested a Olloclip lens for a iPhone 5 and I’m unequivocally looking brazen to contrast a iPhone 6 lens. Before we upgraded my phone, we carried a detachable macro, fisheye, and telephoto lens attachments around in my purse. These lens are good to cocktail on and take a discerning fact shot of an art or qualification project, or to wizz in on a theatre during a dance show or sporting event. Prices operation from about $50 to $80 depending on a device we wish to insert it to. The lens are accessible for a iPhone 4, 5 and 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.

Sewing Machine Splurge

This is a large spender present thought and about a homogeneous of a child seeking for a motorized automobile for Christmas. After wrestling quilts into a slight throat space of my Janome Memory Craft 3500 for years, we have been interesting a thought of upgrading to a some-more absolute appurtenance with fewer bells and whistles.

The intent of my latest qualification mania is a Juki TL-2010Q. I’ve been pining over this baby for months. It’s a low-frills, high-power appurtenance that true stitches like a beast. With a sell cost around $1,500, it’s best to check with internal dealers and online and we can expected obstacle one for reduction than $1,000. While we do not now possess this machine, we wish to eventually join a ranks of quilters who do.

Sewing machines are unsure to present since they’re a large investment and we need to make certain it suits a target before we sign any deals. If we buy a sewing appurtenance locally, a squeeze customarily comes with giveaway instructions on how to use it, highlighting one vital downside of selling online. (Oh, and in box any of we were wondering about a crafter’s homogeneous of seeking for a hack for Christmas, I’d contend that would be on standard with seeking for a prolonged arm quilting machine.)

Stocking Stuffers

Crayons and watercolor paints are dual of my favorite things to put in stockings. we mostly present these to kids, though we never outgrow a fun that comes with opening a uninformed box of crayons or flipping open a new set of paints. we frequency have time to use it on a go, though we mostly lift a Sakura 24-piece Koi assorted watercolor margin sketch ($36) set with a H2O brush in my trek only in case. I’ve embellished on planes and trains with this compress set and unequivocally like it.

If all else fails, investigate your cunning pal’s food habits. Mint tea and dim chocolate will always enthuse a grin from me.

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