Law & Order: Charges opposite Merrillville lady dropped

October 25, 2015 - table lamp

Attempted murder charges opposite Merrillville lady dropped

Charges of attempted murder, battery by means of a lethal arms and dual depends of indicating a firearm have been discharged opposite a Merrillville lady whose jury hearing was set to start Monday.

The charges were forsaken opposite Melinda D. Griggs on Oct. 19 since a state was incompetent to infer a box over a reasonable doubt, according to a suit filed by emissary prosecutor Caitlin Padula that was postulated by Lake Superior Court Judge Salvador Vasquez.

Griggs, 58, was charged Feb. 24, 2014, after military were called dual days progressing to her unit in a 76200 retard of McKinley Circle in Merrillville. Officers found blood splatter on her white sweatshirt, blood on her hands, and her father lonesome in blood and pang from endless injuries, including mixed cuts to his face and hands, bruising and flourishing to a tip of his head, face and back.