LED Hourglass Lamps Illuminated Using Falling Sand

August 5, 2014 - table lamp

Watching a sands of time trip by an hourglass is a tranquil knowledge that can yield hours of entertainment, though Brookyln-based engineer Danielle Trofe has also found a unsentimental use for all that descending sand. She designed a collection of LED lamps powered by a kinetic appetite that are not usually a ideal off-grid solution, though a good approach to revoke a volume of appetite consumed by lighting appliances.

Available as possibly list or building lamps, they both need a tellurian hold to flip them over so a descending silt can beget appetite by flitting by an inner mechanism. The building flare is dangling and rotates on a hinge to make a formidable charge of flipping it easy for roughly everyone. The list flare uses a identical principle, though facilities a sincerely opposite pattern as we can see from a pictures.


Made with tolerable timber and silt combined from recycled glass, a hourglass lamps are eco-friendly, though only as importantly, they emanate a larger recognition of a value and calculable source of light energy.

LED lights are a good step brazen in a bid to preserve electricity and be some-more unwavering about a appetite we use, though Danielle’s pattern adds a earthy component that reinforces a thought in peoples’ minds. An combined advantage is that if we leave a room, a light will eventually spin itself off, that means we no longer have to remember to do it manually any time.


Danielle Trofe

[h/t] Inhabitat

Images by Danielle Trofe

source ⦿ http://www.psfk.com/2014/08/led-hourglass-lamps-falling-sand-kinetic-energy.html

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