Lenovo’s Smart Assistant Is An Amazon Echo Alternative

January 3, 2017 - table lamp

The list of inclination that incorporate Amazon’s practical partner Alexa has grown.

Lenovo denounced a new intelligent home apparatus on Tuesday called a Lenovo Smart Assistant that uses Alexa to margin oral commands to spin on a lights, play music, and emanate to-do lists. The new device adds to a flourishing series of domicile hubs that already includes Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.

Amazon is vouchsafing other hardware manufacturers gold Alexa into their inclination as a approach to enhance Amazon’s strech in a rising intelligent home market. Companies are perplexing to get as many people as probable to use their practical assistants to gain if a record becomes widely used for shopping, acid for information, and for third celebration services like engagement Lyft rides.

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Later this year, GE Lighting plans to incorporate Alexa into a list lamp, The C by GE LED Lamp. Meanwhile, tiny companies like Jam have already adopted Alexa for a Jam Voice, another intelligent home hub.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant has 8 microphones to listen to user voice commands, that a association says, will concede it to hear from all angles during prolonged distances. Customers will be means to buy an upgraded chronicle of a device that comes with Harman Kardon reward audio speakers instead of a customary speakers.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant, to be accessible in May, will come in several colors including grey and green. The customary chronicle will sell for $130 while a one with Harman Kardon speakers will cost $180.

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Lenovo explained a entrance into a intelligent home appliances by indicating to a Gartner investigate that says scarcely 2 billion intelligent home inclination will boat worldwide by 2019. The intelligent home marketplace will beget scarcely $500 billion in income that year, Lenovo says, implying that there is copiousness of room for growth.

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