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October 19, 2015 - table lamp


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By Leslie Linsley

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(Oct. 19, 2015)

In The Inquirer and Mirror this week we write about a neat leopard-skin chairs we bid on during Rafael Osona’s auction. No discount comes though a cost tag. Sometimes a dresser has one drawer henceforth stranded shut. Sometimes a chair leg is somewhat wobbly. Those chairs we bought are sensational. But they smell musty.


No problem, we thought. I’ll put them in a sun.  I put them out in a morning and took them in during night for a week. They are really heavy, that creates me adore them all a some-more and even disremember a fact that they are a tad low. The smell is vanishing though we initial gave them a mist of Fabreze, that usually gave them a perfumy smell: some-more unpleasant than a flat smell. The Internet suggested vinegar. we did not like this idea. Now it is 10 days and a fragrance is fading, and my “out in a sun,” slight goes on.


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley


But it’s tumble and this is what we do. Rearrange. we sent a pattern to my decorator crony in California. we knew she’d adore them. She has a lot of animal skins on things. She ripped detached my “arrangement,” that we explained was a “work in progress.” we changed a chairs to another spot, put another list between them and a flare with a black shade as she suggested. It’s removing there.


Good friends, both in a universe of design, came to dinner. we asked their opinion. They adore a chairs, though offering some-more suggestions. So while we are saying a initial arrangement, here, there will be more. 


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley



It’s roughly Halloween and a usually time we use my orange and yellow plates. Each orange image is rimmed with yellow polka dots and a yellow plates with orange.  A Key West potter crony done them. we used those baby pumpkins we wrote about final week to emanate a mini tablescape on my table.  Again we cut tiny holes in tip and filled any with herbs. Tiny votives and a fibre of mini lights supplement sparkle.


As we can see if you’ve followed my blogs, we like to overdo a good thing. Round orange place mats with swapping green, orange and yellow napkins go with this theme. Use furnish to be artistic with list settings. Baby Brussels sprouts are a favorite. Fill a vast potion vase with a sprouts, supplement a tiny volume of H2O and insert sprigs of lavender or any immature spices like mint, that is still flourishing like crazy if we planted it.


Courtesy of Leslie Linsley


Fall is a good time for tiny projects around a house. We finally got around to putting adult a bannister along a wall going down only 3 stairs from my dining room to my entryway. It has taken over 6 months to do this project, though it was value a wait. At initial we wanted a square of driftwood as a handrail though couldn’t find a right piece.  Whatever it was done of, a final object had to demeanour like a square of sculpture, though duty beautifully as well. When in Key West we approached an artist crony who creates six- to eight-foot sculptures from vast palm fronds. Together we found a tiny palm for a handrail. She afterwards rolled it tightly, cut it to distance for my wall and over a duration of many weeks combined layers of creosote to a drying frond. Over time it grown a dash that also brought out a healthy pellet of a leaf. It is now as tough as a rock, well-spoken as silk, winding in a many sexy approach and feels good when we slip your palm down it. We had brackets done and stained to fit a ends and compare a tone and Jon was means to implement it after many trips to Marine Home Center for a correct nuts and bolts.


Now, we no longer have to worry about someone descending down these 3 tiny steps, though best of all a organic object is both unsentimental and a square of design on a wall.. we know many people would not go to such extremes, though it’s value holding a time to solve problems in radical ways if adding beauty to your home is a goal.. It’s fall. It’s removing cooler.  It’s time to come inside. This is a  good time to emanate new vital arrangements, or maybe only solve one whinging problem – like putting adult a bannister.


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