Light adult a holidays for Valley seniors

November 27, 2015 - table lamp

Each holiday season, Soroptimist International of Boise sponsors a gift-giving plan that advantages residents of Treasure Valley nursing homes and caring centers, a series of seniors who live exclusively and kids in a encourage caring system.

It all started in 1947 in Boise, when Soroptimist members delivered Christmas presents to patients in a aged County Hospital. That sanatorium has given been ripped down, though a tradition continues.

For 44 years, a Idaho Statesman has published a wish lists. Soroptimist members coordinate a lists, take a pledges and discharge a gifts to a adult recipients. Idaho Health and Welfare coordinates and distributes a gifts for a kids.

Want to keep a tradition of Treasure Valley munificence alive? Here’s what we do:

• Check this list of names. Choose a chairman or people you’d like to buy for.

• To perform a holiday wish for someone on these lists, revisit Soroptimist International of Boise’s webcart during Soroptimist members will be accessible to support around phone during 639-5749 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, and Tuesday, Dec. 1.

• Gifts should be wrapped and labeled with a recipient’s name and ID number, and delivered to a drop-off plcae before Friday, Dec. 11. (Scroll down for a list of locations.)

• Needs in further to a lists inside might be identified during You can also make financial donations to a Soroptimists online or by mailing your grant to: Soroptimist Int’l of Boise, P.O. Box 8885, Boise, Idaho 83707. Please mention if we would like your grant to be used exclusively for a Oldsters or Foster Children’s project. Undesignated supports will support Soroptimist Int’l of Boise’s use projects, that work to urge a lives of women and girls, locally and internationally.

• If we are meddlesome in some-more ways to assistance in a community, review Anna Webb’s Helping Works mainstay any Tuesday in a Explore territory and online during Anna’s mainstay sum opportunities to proffer and make a disproportion in a community.

A1. EDITH H. (F): hair stuff, sweater (M, button-up), redolence

A2. MICHAEL C. (M): sweeping (full, purple), T-shirt (L, Harley-Davidson), Harley-Davidson round cap

A3. JAMES C. (M): T-shirt (L, Indian Motorcycle), brave clippers, salt H2O taffy

A4. BRIAN B. (M): wall cinema (old cars), calendar (classic car), sweeping w/ classical cars

A5. BOBBY M. (M): poser books, hairbrush, Old Spice cologne

A6. KEITH B. (M): cologne, blue jeans (38 x 34), sweater (XL)

A7. IONE W. (F): gloves (stretchy), physique lotion, shirt (2XL, floral)

A8. LEE S. (M): Pepsi, BSU blanket, coffee transport mop w/ lid

A9. LINDA J. (F): cinema for her room (scenic, wall hanging), pajamas (XL, pretty), balmy sweeping

A10. STEPHANIE K. (F): shirts (L, girlie/juniors), personal hygiene products, physique mist

A11. BARBARA V. (F): crossword puzzles, intrigue novels, chocolate

A12. NEIL B. (M): colored pencils, sketch supplies/paper, CDs (rock)

A13. NORM A. (M): candy (chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups), T-shirts (XL), tie-dye sweeping

A14. KEN W. (M): T-shirts (3XL tall, long-sleeve), sugar-free candy, mist cologne

A15. MARK B. (M): sugar-free candy, BSU blanket, undershirts (M, white)

A16. HELEN T. (F): dress (16, red or rose), trip (16), toiletries (shampoo, physique spray)

A17. ANN LEE H. (F): personal hygiene products, CDs (oldies), candy (chocolate, 3 Musketeers)

A18. MOLLY M. (F): jeans (M, effervescent waist), shawl (pretty/dressy, floral), cloak (XL)

A19. BARBARA D. (F): chocolate candy, blouses or T-shirts (2XL), sweatpants (2XL)

A20. JESUS F. (M): plaid blanket, wall cinema (scenic), deodorant and cologne

A21. TONNI F. (F): blouses (3XL), candy and mints, crackers

A22. BETTY L. (F): blouses (XL), sweatpants (XL), balmy sweeping

A23. RICHARD B. (M): hosiery (L, crew), undershirts and boxers (M), Old Spice aftershave

A24. VIOLA B. (F): T-shirts (M, any color), boots (7 1/2, slip-on), hosiery (7 1/2, crew)

A25. MICHAEL M. (M): T-shirts (XXL), sweatpants (XXL), cologne

A26. SAM S. (M): cologne, wall cinema (scenic), sweeping or quilt (twin)

A27. WILLIAM H. (M): sugar-free chocolates, physique wash, cologne

C1. SHARON K. (F): jewelry, candy, bath and physique products

C2. JOAN P. (F): sweatsuits (XL), hosiery (7/8), bath and physique products

C3. DIANE P. (F): sweater (M, button-up, red), candy, unguent

C4. PATRICIA G. (F): sweatsuit (M, BSU), hosiery (7/8), redolence

C5. GLENDA G. (F): feeling object (soft dolls that creates noise), feeling song (relaxation, meditation), feeling object (squishy ball)

C6. WILLARD F. (M): sweatsuits (M), cologne, candy

C7. JOHN R. (M): sugar-free candy, bath and physique products

C8. KEN H. (M): sugar-free treats, bath and physique products

C9. SHARON W. (F): sweatpants (M), sweater (M), path sweeping

C10. SHARON M. (F): sweatsuit (4XL), sugar-free stuff, unguent

C11. MARY C. (F): candy, lotions

C12. JESSIE. (F): candy, bath and physique products

C13. ELAINE K. (F): sweatsuit (L), candy, bath and physique products

C14. JOYCE D. (F): $30 Walmart present card, candy, shawl (dressy, floral)

C15. BOBETTE F. (F): sweatsuits (M), perfume, bath and physique products

C16. GLENNIS K. (F): coloring book, lotions, bath and physique products

C17. EVELYN S. (F): sweater (M, button-up), candy, unguent

C18. JUDY C. (F): sweatsuits (3XL), perfume, bath and physique products

C19. IONE H. (F): books (Louis L’Amour/Betty Neels)

C20. LARRY N. (M): calendar (Dallas Cowboys or football), round tip (Dallas Cowboys)

C21. ARDYCE V. (F): sweater (XL, button-up, red), stationery

C22. MARY R. (F): books (large-print romance)

C23. ROBERT L. (M): candy (3 Musketeers), cologne

C24. RUDY Z. (M): electric shaver, cologne, unguent

C25. SHEILA B. (F): path blanket, lotions

C26. DOROTHY P. (F): sweatsuits (M), lotions, candy

C27. LORETTA W. (F): pants (4XL), lotions, adult coloring books

C28. CONSTANCE C. (F): spike polish, pressed horse, redolence

C29. HANK. (M): sweatsuit (L), coupler (XL, zip-up, blue), sugar-free chocolates

C30. DOYLE A. (M): watch, cologne, lotion

C31. DAVID F. (M): candy (gummy bears)

C32. RALF Y. (M): comfortable hosiery (9/10), candy, sweatsuit (M)

C33. NORMAN N. (M): comfortable hosiery (10/12), candy

C34. NORMAN R. (M): book on how to turn a doctor, cologne, candy

C35. FLORENCE R. (F): sweater (4XL, symbol or zip-up), jewelry, unguent

C36. LORRAINE. (F): sugar-free candy, sugar-free cookies

C37. VELMA W. (F): sweatsuit (XL), lotions, bath and physique products

C38. ANNE K. (F): dress or muumuu (7XL), bath and physique products

C39. KATHY E. (F): cinema (DVD), perfume, bath and physique products

C40. JEFF S. (M): candy, lotions, cologne

C41. JOYCE S. (F): pants (L), button-up sweater (L), bath and physique products

C42. JIMMY O. (M): pants (L), shirts (L), hosiery (10/12)

C43. ARMETHA H. (F): pajamas (L), nightgowns (L), candy

C44. CHARLES F. (M): pants (L), pajamas (L), physique rinse

C45. JAMES R. (M): physique wash, candy

C46. MAE E. (F): shampoo, physique wash, lotion

C47. GLORIA H. (F): sweater (S), blanket, bath and physique products

C48. EVELYN J. (F): pajamas. (M), shampoo, bath and physique products

C49. MICHAEL S. (M): blanket, physique wash, unguent

C50. BETTY D. (F): shirts (XL), physique wash/shampoo, unguent

C51. MAXINE B. (F): pants and shirts (L, cotton), hosiery (7/8), gloves. (M)

C52. PHOEBE E. (F): palm soap, lotions, bath and physique products

C53. IONE Z. (F): shampoo, lotions, physique rinse

C54. PHYLISS T. (F): hosiery (8), nightgowns (L), candy

C55. MARCELINA H. (F): pants (XL), shirts (XL), unguent

C56. EDITH S. (F): sweatpants (XXL), button-up shirts (XXL), unguent

C57. ELIZABETH C. (F): vanilla coffee creamers, lotions, bath and physique products

C58. ROBERT W. (M): sweatpants (L), shirts (L, prolonged sleeve, button-up), T-shirts (L)

C59. CHARLIE S. (M): sweatpants (L), hosiery (10/12), sweater (L)

C60. VINCENT M. (M): gloves (L), physique wash

C61. STEVE R. (M): shirts (M, long-sleeve, pullover), lotion

D1. WALTER R. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D2. ALICE N. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D3. NATE R. (M): sweatshirt (XL, black, hoodie), T-shirt (XL, red, plain), hosiery (9-12)

D4. DON M. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D5. PHIL E. (M): coupler (XL, hoodie), hosiery (9-12), chocolate

D6. SONNY R. (M): T-shirt (XL, white), Werther’s Original caramels (hard candy)

D7. HAL C. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D8. ESTER B. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D9. RICH H. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D10. JESSICA D. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D11. JAMES C. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D12. ANDY C. (M): Xbox 360 controller (wired), flip flops (13)

D13. PATRICK D. (M): T-shirt (M, white), hosiery (9-12), chocolate

D14. RACHELLE M. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D15. BOB M. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D16. BILL Y. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D17. BOBBY M. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D18. MARTHA B. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D19. RUSSELL H. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D20. MIKE H. (M): summer sausage/cheese basket, hosiery (12, white, thick), round tip (BSU)

D21. WILLIAM W. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D22. TRAVIS L. (M): Eclipse Fit Clip Plus 8GB MP3 Player, round tip (BSU), hosiery (13+)

D23. CLAUDIA H. (F): $50 Target present card

D24. CINDA L. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D25. BARBARA V. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D26. CHERYL M. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D27. MARGARET C. (F): redolence (Burberry), $20 Savers present card

D28. BILL M. (M): Norelco electric razor, cologne (Stetson), slippers (12)

D29. ROB B. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D30. KELLI G. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D31. CLINT R. (M): BSU sweatshirt (L, hoodie), cologne (Hugo Boss, spray)

D32. ROSANNE M. (F): quilt and piece set (twin), hosiery (6, warm)

D33. PATTY K. (F): $50 Family Christian Store present label

D34. DENNIS M. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D35. TAMARA B. (F): $50 Walmart present card

D36. JAY M. (M): $50 Walmart present label

D37. ROBERT H. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D38. ROGER E. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D39. RICHARD R. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D40. JOY R. (F): $50 Ross present label

D41. DAVID D. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D42. TOM B. (M): $50 Target present label

D43. TRAVIS H. (M): $50 Walmart present card

D44. LIZ M. (F): $50 Target present label

D45. LARRY C. (M): $50 Walmart present card

E1. PAT A. (F): shirt (3X, pullover), diabetic hosiery (9+, white), Kleenex or Puffs tissues

E2. BETHANY B. (F): nightgown (M), Oil of Olay physique wash, slippers (8)

E3. BRUCE B. (M): shirts (XL, tall, long-sleeve, pullover, plain color), Diet Pepsi, $30 Walmart present card

E4. RANDI B. (F): shawl (soft, flowers), slippers (9), $20 Walmart present label

E5. LORAINE B. (F): Aveeno Stress Relief unguent (light blue lid), Puffs or Kleenex tissues, $20 Walmart present card

E6. PAT B. (F): Bath Body Works unguent (wild honeysuckle), Suave physique wash, $30 Walmart present label

E7. CARL B. (M): concept remote, break basket, $25 Sears present label

E8. JAMES C. (M): pajamas (L), break basket, $25 Sears present label

E9. MARY C. (F): pajamas (S, two-piece), path blanket, break basket

E10. CONNIE D. (F): acrylic paint set, embroidery set, $15 Fred Meyers present label

E11. STEVEN D. (M): shirts (3XL, long-sleeve, pullover), hosiery (11, Hanes, white, calf), $25 Fred Meyers present card

E12. RUTH D. (F): tennis boots (7 1/2), slippers (7 1/2), $10 Reel Theatre present label

E13. MARJORIE D. (F): pajamas (S, two-piece), path blanket, break basket

E14. JIM E. (M): pajama bottoms (M), break basket, $20 Sears present label

E15. CHERYL F. (F): Oil of Olay physique wash, Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, break basket

E16. STAN F. (M): sweatshirt (XL, BSU), transport books, $20 Barnes Noble present label

E17. CAROLYN G. (F): baby doll, slippers (8 1/2), sweeping or quilt (twin, gray)

E18. RAYNER H. (M): coveralls (3XL, work/mechanic, noninsulated), break basket, $25 Walmart present label

E19. RUSTY J. (M): pajamas (XL tall, two-piece), trivia games, $20 MickeyRay’s BBQ present label

E20. HARRIET J. (F): hosiery (9, long, slipper), quilt (twin, floral), piece set (twin, purple)

E21. PAT K. (F): sugar-free chocolate, $30 Walmart present card, teddy bear

E22. IMA K. (F): nightgown (XL), slippers (8 1/2), $10 Reel Theatre present label

E23. BOB L. (M): sweatsuit (XL), O’Doul’s nonalcoholic beer, sweeping (twin, blue)

E24. GENE M. (M): jeans (34×36, blue denim), shirt (L, button-up, long-sleeve), underwear (34, fighter briefs)

E25. MARY M. (F): nightgown (M), CDs (meditation), $20 Walmart present label

E26. JAY M. (M): Old Spice aftershave, hosiery (10, Gold Toe, black), shirt (L, plaid button-up, long-sleeve)

E27. JENNIE M. (F): Johnson Johnson baby powder, sewing kit, $30 Reel Theatre present label

E28. DON N. (M): hosiery (9-12, Gold Toe, black), CDs (’80s classical rock), $25 Walmart present label

E29. JUDY N. (F): stone pack w/ tools, sweatshirt (XL, white, V-neck), manicure set

E30. CHET N. (M): Hawaiian shirt (L), slippers (11, brown), break basket

E31. ELLEN O. (F): pajamas (L, two-piece), path blanket, $20 Paul Mitchell The School Boise present label

E32. DALE O. (M): pajamas (L, two-piece), T-shirt (L, BSU), Crest Pro Health toothpaste

E33. CHERYL P. (F): Oil of Olay physique wash, hand-held electronic games (solitaire, poker, etc.), $25 Paul Mitchell The School Boise present label

E34. HARRY P. (M): Fimo displaying clay (assorted colors), watercolor paints, watercolor reserve (paper and brushes)

E35. MARGE P. (F): physique mist (Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret), headband (silky, floral), break basket

E36. WALT R. (M): Old Spice aftershave, tennis balls, $25 Walmart present label

E37. KAREN S. (F): string panties (10, white, Fruit of a Loom), nonplus and roll-up mat, postage stamps (Forever)

E38. ROYAL S. (M): sugar-free candy, sweeping (twin, blue), $25 Walmart present card

E39. CHARLIE T. (M): $20 Barnes Noble present card, magnifying glass, slippers (10, brown)

E40. ANN T. (F): dim chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Hugs, $40 Fred Meyer present label

E41. MICHAEL T. (M): transport mop with handle, list lamp, $20 Fred Meyer present label

E42. DON T. (M): slippers (8 1/2), coffee list book (cowboy), $15 Sears present label

E43. JOHN W. (M): hosiery (12+, white, calf), underwear (35, Fruit of a Loom, briefs), Old Spice present set

E44. MILLIE W. (F): residence dress (L), nightgown (L), sweeping (twin, pink)

E45. TINY W. (F): vacant nod cards, postage stamps (Forever), $30 Walmart present label

F1. DEENA A. (F): pants and tip (XL, effervescent waist, purple), hosiery (7-11, grip, any color), cookies (soft)

F2. FRED S. (M): shirt (L, blue, pullover, soft-knit), CD actor and CDs (old country), cookies (soft, no nuts)

F3. JOSEPHINE M. (F): sweater (2XL, button-up, pockets, floral), shirt (XL, navy blue, turtleneck, pullover, floral), hosiery (7-11, grip)

F4. CONNIE C. (F): shirt (L, BSU, long-sleeve, pullover), CD actor (small with headphones), CDs (1950s-1960s stone and roll)

F5. NORMA M. (F): DVDs (animated Disney), shirt (2XL, pullover, pinkish weave with design), spike gloss (pinks and light purples)

F6. JEAN L. (F): shirt (XL, light blue, balmy knit, pullover), pants (16, light blue, effervescent waist), hair clips and headbands

F7. SALLY Z. (F): shirt (2XL, pullover, turquoise, long-sleeve), cosmetic bag, Dr. Pepper and Cherry Pepsi

F8. TAMARA D. (F): shirt (2XL, pullover, long-sleeve, animal picture), art reserve (gel pens, colored pencils, paper), candy (assorted butter mints or chocolates)

F9. LEA D. (F): shirt (2XL, pullover, cotton, blue), pants (2XL, cotton, effervescent waist, blue), Ghirardelli chocolates (assorted)

F10. ALTA S. (F): CD/radio actor (small) and classical nation CDs, shirt (2XL, pullover, knit, floral), apron (2 front pockets, floral, waist ties, tractable neck)

F11. MARK T. (M): Pepsi (cans), T-shirts (3XL tall, short- or long-sleeve, any color), cookies (sugar-free)

F12. ANDREW S. (M): shirt (M, polo, blue), sweatpants and tip (M, effervescent waist, any color), Oreo cookies

F13. LARRY R. (M): sweatpants and coupler (XL, gray, zip-front with hood), gloves (XL, cotton), cookies (soft, no nuts or raisins, Vanilla Oreos)

F14. MICKIE B. (F): sweater (16-18, pullover, blue), books (Louis L’Amour, unchanging print), candy bars (chocolate, no nuts)

F15. WINNIE F. (F): hair accessories and hair clips, sweatpants and sweatshirt (XL, any color), chuck sweeping (twin, soft, any color)

F16. MONTA H. (F): candy bars (chocolate, no nuts), dress (L, pullover, any color), chuck sweeping (twin, floral)

F17. CLAIRE C. (F): CD actor (small), Diet Pepsi (cans), chocolates (sugar-free)

F18. HAROLD R. (M): shirt (2X, blue, pullover), chuck sweeping (twin, micro fleece, brown), red licorice

F19. SHIRLEE P. (F): CD actor (small) and balmy song CDs, shirt (XL , pullover, long-sleeve, red), MM’s

F20. JEWEL L. (F): Bible (new King James, vast print), necklace (slipover, no hooks), shirt (2XL, aqua, pullover)

F21. ZELDA B. (F): shirt (XL, pullover, blue or lavender), Pepsi, chuck sweeping (twin, pastel color, soft)

F22. LINDA V. (F): imitation manuscript (large), Diet Pepsi (cans), watch (digital, gender-neutral)

F23. DALE P. (M): fleece coupler (L, gray, zipper front with hood), CD/radio actor (small) and classical stone CDs, headphones

F24. TANA L. (F): sweater (L, pullover, long-sleeve, blue), CDs (country music), Ritz crackers

F25. DONALD C. (M): chuck sweeping (twin, equine design), calendar (horses), pattern books (horses)

F26. EDDIE L. (M): shirt (2XL, BSU, blue, pullover), transport coffee mug, DVDs (westerns)

F27. MAXINE H. (F): sweater (XL, symbol front, any color), hosiery (7-11, grip), chuck sweeping (twin, any color)

F28. VALINDA S. (F): cosmetic bag, snacks (sugar-free, no nuts), jewelry-making reserve (beads)

F29. JERRY S. (M): sweatpants and tip (L, navy blue), summer sausage present set (cheese and crackers), sweeping (twin, micro-fleece, any color)

F30. DEBORAH E. (F): books (mysteries, vast print), nonplus books (large print, word search), chuck sweeping (twin, any color)

F31. YOLANDA B. (F): sweater (M, symbol front, any color), hosiery (7-11, grip, white), chuck sweeping (twin, floral, soft)

F32. NOMA W. (F): chuck sweeping (twin, floral, pastel colors), sweater (L, symbol front, any color), beanie shawl (knit)

F33. GLEN A. (M): cookies (sugar-free), transport coffee mop (wide bottom with lid), hosiery (13, white, calf-length)

F34. PATRICIA B. (F): chuck sweeping (twin, soft), cookies (soft, no nuts), CDs (mystery books)

F35. BARBARA B. (F): sweater (2XL, symbol front, any color), hair accessories, spike gloss (reds, pinks, dim purple)

F36. VIRGINIA S. (F): chocolates (assorted, no nuts), sweater (M, symbol front, blue), cat bed (small)

F37. ESTHER A. (F): cosmetic bag and spike gloss (rose colors), sweater (M, symbol front, floral), candy bars (assorted chocolate)

F38. REXINE S. (F): sweater (L, symbol front, any color), chuck sweeping (twin, soft, any color), chocolates (soft, no nuts)

F39. FAYE W. (F): sweater (L, symbol front, any color), chocolates (soft, assorted), hosiery (7-11, grip)

F40. TED H. (M): transport mop (48 oz., insulated with lid), CD/radio actor (small), shirt (2XL tall, gray, polo with pocket)

F41. JOEL S. (F): sweatpants and tip (XL, navy blue), Sprite (cans), round tip (L, sports theme)

F42. JAMES R. (M): CD actor (small), books (mysteries, vast print), CDs (easy rock)

F43. HELEN R. (F): Pepsi (cans), Welch’s fruit snacks (with genuine fruit), bird seed (Zamzows tradition blend)

F44. DINAH M. (F): chuck sweeping (twin, soft, any color), pens and notebooks (lined, small), MM’s

F45. OREN C. (M): T-shirt (XL, BSU, pullover), sweeping (twin, micro-fleece, any color), round tip (L, BSU)

F46. JAMES J. (M): CD actor (small), CDs (folk music), T-shirt (XL, short-sleeve, humorous design, any color)

F47. JOANNE P. (F): thimbles (collector), pattern frames (5×7, assorted), chocolate cherry cordials

F48. JEAN K. (F): sweeping (full, any color), chocolates (assorted), needlework needles and chronicle (any color)

F49. RICHARD B. (M): shirt (L, polo, short-sleeved, blue or gray with design), crackers (boxed, Ritz), cookies and chocolates (assorted)

F50. MIKE M. (M): pants (XL tall, sport, effervescent waist, black/blue), shirt (XL tall, blue or gray, long-sleeve, polo), cookies (soft, no nuts)

F51. BURT W. (M): turnovers (Hostess, cherry), balmy cookies (oatmeal, peanut butter), shirt (L, polo, plain color, long-sleeve)

F52. DIANE J. (F): shirt (4XL, pullover, balmy knit, any color), pants (4XL, effervescent waist, balmy knit, any color), chocolates (assorted creams)

F53. GEORGE B. (M): shirt (2XL, cotton, long-sleeve, blue or immature pullover), jeans (42 x 29, denim), calendar (fishing theme)

F54. PHYLLIP H. (M): shirt (2XL, cotton, long-sleeve, blue or immature pullover), pants (2XL, any color, effervescent waist, balmy knit), calendar (big-game theme)

F55. KATHLEEN S. (F): sweater (4XL, button-up, flowers), pants (4XL, effervescent waist, balmy knit, any color), chocolates (assorted, no nuts)

G1. SANDE A. (F): $25 iTunes present card, bracelets (assorted colors and styles), $10 Walmart present card

G2. MIKE E. (M): round tip (BSU logo), shirt (L, BSU, long-sleeve), unsentimental fun toys

G3. ZUMRA L. (F): redolence (any scent), coupler (XL, zip front, any color), bra (40DD)

G4. DARLENE R. (F): redolence (White Diamonds or similar), shirt (4X, long-sleeve, any color), nightgown (4X, pullover, any color)

G5. CHARLES B. (M): candy (assorted, sugar-free), sweatpants (3X, blue or black), shirt (3XL, any color)

G6. GLORIA R. (F): diabetic hosiery (8-10, white), pants (2XL, black, effervescent waist), redolence (any scent)

G7. MARY M. (F): pressed animal, hosiery (8-10, ankle, multi-colors), drawer organizer (15×11, cosmetic or wood, for diverse dresser items)

G8. SUZIE R. (F): hosiery (8-10, white), pants (2XL, effervescent waist, any color), shawl (any color, felt or nap cloche or bucket type)

G9. JEANNE A. (F): chocolate (assorted, no nuts), Christmas cards (assorted), scrapbook paper (textured, glittery)

G10. MARIE R. (F): pressed animal, sweeping (twin, soft, any color), sweater (XL, zip front, light blue)

G11. MARY V. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), ponytail holders (thick, any color), diabetic hosiery (largest distance available)

G12. PETE P. (M): sweater (XL, pullover, any color), DVDs (war-themed movies), path sweeping (any color)

G13. ELAINE E. (F): shawl (purple, felt or nap cloche or bucket type), imagination headband (purple, silk type), sweeping (twin, soft, any color)

G14. BETTY S. (F): pressed animal, sweeping (twin, soft, any color), palm unguent (floral scent)

G15. TERRY C. (F): pressed animal (interactive), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), palm unguent (any scent)

G16. ANGELA A. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), palm unguent (any scent), shawl (any color)

G17. RUTH P. (F): valuables (assorted, off-hand style), facial moisturizer, blouse (M, floral)

G18. PAT H. (F): valuables (assorted, vast style), hats (assorted silly), eye shade and lipstick (assorted colors)

G19. DONNA B. (F): unguent (light, floral scent), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), Crystal Light packets (strawberry)

G20. MARILYN B. (F): $10 Walmart present card, lotions (any scent), chocolates (assorted)

G21. BEATRICE C. (F): coloring books (butterflies), colored pencils, list flare

G22. FRAN K. (F): shawl (flowery, felt or nap cloche or bucket type), sweater (XL, pullover, cats), valuables (pearl)

G23. BERTHA W. (F): nuts (no salt), nonplus books (word search), headbands (decorated)

G24. SANDRA S. (F): peanut butter, tough candy (assorted), Smucker’s pinkish preserve

G25. MARIE G. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), redolence (any scent), valuables (assorted, any style)

G26. MARIA G. (F): sweater (XL, any color), bracelets (stretchy, assorted colors), bag to insert to hiker

G27. CINDY H. (F): hair clips (assorted colors and styles), calendar (cowboy theme), valuables (assorted necklaces and bracelets)

G28. JAMES H. (M): shirt (2XL, BSU), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), cologne (any scent)

G29. MARGARET H. (F): redolence (any scent), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), chocolate (assorted)

G30. TOM H. (M): round tip (Harley-Davidson), cologne (any scent), Harley-Davidson memorabilia

G31. CHARLES H. (M): cologne (any scent), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), DVDs (classic cowboy movies)

G32. BOUNTHANH I. (F): art arrangement binder, art reserve (colored pencils), artist coloring book

G33. BETTY J. (F): chocolate (assorted), valuables (assorted), sports bra (2XL)

G34. MAX J. (M): shirt (L, polo, any color), lane pants (L, pull-on), hosiery (9-12, black)

G35. MELVIN L. (M): cologne (any scent), dry-erase markers, DVDs (WWII cinema or documentaries)

G36. LINITA L. (F): redolence (floral scent), purse (small), eye shade and lipstick (pinks)

G37. BETTY M. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), hair clips, CDs (soothing sauna music)

G38. HELEN M. (F): blouse (XL, long-sleeve, any color), slacks (24×32, any color), sweater (2XL, zip front, any color)

G39. SIMON O. (M): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), CDs (gospel music), cologne (any scent)

G40. WINIFRED P. (F): pressed animal, chocolates (assorted), burble resin

G41. SUE P. (F): ponytail holders (assorted), slacks (28×34, blue or black), radio

G42. ELDA P. (F): nightgown (XL, pullover, any color), dress (XL, soft, any color), silk flower arrangements (pastels)

G43. LILA P. (F): CDs (classic country), redolence (floral scent), DVDs (Cary Grant movies)

G44. LESLIE S. (F): CDs (’60s-70s music), sweeping (twin, soft, any color), shirt (3XL, long-sleeve, any color)

G45. JANET S. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), redolence (any scent), reading flare (clip-on, magnifying)

G46. ALBERT T. (F): hosiery (XL, wool), chocolates (assorted), jeans (48×32, loose fit)

G47. HELEN T. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), blouse (L, long-sleeve, button, any color), slacks (L, blue or black)

G48. RUSSIE T. (F): Skittles, sweeping (twin, soft, any color), Pepsi

G49. PATRICIA V. (F): Green Bay Packers decorations, valuables (assorted), redolence (White Diamonds or similar)

G50. PHYLLIS Z. (F): sweater (2XL, zip front, any color), slacks (3XL, any color), blouse (2XL, long-sleeve, any color)

G51. ROSA G. (F): redolence (floral scent), sweater (XL, zip front, any color), palm unguent

G52. ELAINE M. (F): redolence (Eternity or similar), sweater (2XL, zip front, any color), pattern frames (assorted 5×7)

G53. TIM D. (M): book (classic cars), indication automobile pack (classic car), $10 Walmart present label

G54. CLEO A. (F): sweeping (twin, soft, any color), cookies (Danish butter), pressed animals

G55. ARLENE G. (F): stationery, imagination headband (purple, silk type), pattern frames (5×7 or 8×11)

H1. BERT B. (M): sweatpants (3XL), T-shirt (3XL), butterscotch candy

H2. BLAINE C. (M): round tip (nonsport), T-shirt (L, fishing), mind teaser games (any kind)

H3. CINDY D. (F): dress (XL), assorted resin packs, sweater (XL, cardigan)

H4. HAROLD H. (M): shirt (2XL, striking design), sweatsuit (2XL), hairy sweeping

H5. VI M. (F): pullover shirt (3XL), sweater (3XL, cardigan), dress valuables necklace

H6. ANGELA L. (F): dress (XL), velour pants fit (XL), hairy hosiery (L, 9-11) or sweeping

H7. GRACE G. (F): velour sweatsuit (2XL), Junie B. Jones books, shirts (2XL)

H8. OPAL H. (F): dress (XL, symbol or zip-up), symbol blouse (XL), imagination headband

H9. GAYLE O. (F): pants (3XL, effervescent waist, polyester), blouse (3XL), hairy sweeping

H10. SALLY M. (F): sweater (XL, cardigan), shorts (XL, effervescent waist), poser book (large print)

H11. DOROTHY M. (F): shorts (L, effervescent waist), blouse (L), imagination headband

H12. DOLORES K. (F): shirt (L, long-sleeve, pullover), sweater (L, cardigan), hair clips

H13. TINA L. (F): sweatpants (XL), pullover tip (XL), hairy hosiery (L, 9-11)

H14. REBA K. (F): shirt (XL, pullover, sparkles), pants (XL, effervescent waist), hairy sweeping

H15. ALLEN D. (M): sweatpants (3XL), T-shirt (3XL), large-print nonplus imitation

H16. MARY B. (F): shirt (3XL, pullover, sparkles), pants (2XL, effervescent waist), DVD (Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter or inlet documentary)

H17. JANET C. (F): pants (2XL, effervescent waist), shirt (2XL, animal print), DVD (nature, Amazon jungle documentary)

H18. STUART C. (M): lane pants (2XL), shirt (2XL, polo), song DVD (’80s-era or mood or inlet music)

H19. KEN M. (M): shirt (XL, button-up with collar), undershirt (XL, white), DVD (football or round suit picture)

H20. DEBBIE P. (F): pants (2XL, effervescent waist), shirt (2XL, knit), religious book

H21. JUDY E. (F): dress (3XL, short), sweatshirt (3XL, zip-up), religious book

H22. ERNIE C. (M): pajama pants (XL), hosiery (L, non-skid slipper), electronic hand-held label diversion

H23. BOB B. (M): sweatsuit (2XL), shirt (2XL, polo style), wooden mind diversion nonplus (non-jigsaw)

H24. MARY LOU W. (F): complicated sweater (2XL, red), pants (2XL, effervescent waist), hairy hosiery (L, 9-11)

H25. GARY M. (M): round tip (Seattle Mariners), shirt (XL, button-up), undershirts (XL, white)

H26. HELEN D. (F): weave hat, shirt (L, long-sleeve), hairy sweeping

H27. CICI C. (F): break basket, shirt (2XL, cotton), pantsuit (2XL, velour)

H28. RUTH M. (F): lipstick, sweater (2XL), sweatpants (2XL)

H29. BEATRICE S. (F): shirt (XL, long-sleeve, cotton), comfortable vest (XL), shawl (knit fashion)

H30. PHYLLIS M. (F): shirt (XL, short-sleeve), sweatpants (XL), hair clips and hairy hosiery (L, 9-11)

H31. MARY ANN N. (F): T-shirt (2XL, BSU), sweatpants (2XL), dress valuables necklace

H32. LOIS S. (F): pantsuit (XL, velour), shirt (XL, turtleneck), large-print intrigue book

H33. ROSALIE M. (F): shirt (3XL, long-sleeve), pants (3XL, effervescent waist), hair clips and valuables

H34. DONNA C. (F): dress (3XL), pants (3XL, effervescent waist), hairy hosiery (L, 9-11) or sweeping

H35. RALPH S. (M): coupler (2XL, lightweight), T-shirt (2XL, graphic), suspenders

H36. JAMES D. (M): shirt (XL, symbol style), coupler (XL, lightweight), undershirt (XL, white)

H37. BARBARA W. (F): pantsuit (2XL, velour), dress (2XL), break basket

H38. ERMA M. (F): shirt (XL), pants (XL, effervescent waist), hairy hosiery (L, 9-11) and hair shave

J1. JIM N. (M): quilt (twin, blue or gray), shirt (L, long-sleeve; red, blue or black), sweatpants (M, tall; red, blue or black)

J2. JULIA S. (F): nonplus (large-piece, 300 to 500 count), pajama set (L), DVDs (Mama Mia, Mary Poppins)

J3. JAMES A. (M): T-shirts (XXL, with sayings), round tip (XL; blue, black or red), cologne (Stetson, Old Spice)

J4. LOUISE W. (F): pants (XL, effervescent waist), sports bras (XL, shave in back), T-shirts (XL, long-sleeve)

J5. DONALD L. (M): quilt (twin, blue or gray), shirt (L, prolonged sleeve, button-up), pants (32×32, khaki)

J6. LORNA A. (F): bra (M, shave in back), T-shirt (M, long-sleeve, red or black), sweater (M, pink, blue or gray)

J7. EDNA C. (F): sweater (XXL, symbol or zip-up), pajamas set (XXL, short-sleeve), quilt (twin, floral, pinkish or purple)

J8. JOANN J. (F): pajamas set (L, long-sleeve), tank tip (L), slipper hosiery (9, non-skid)

J9. MARCY F. (F): hair accessories (clips, ties), sweater (L, cardigan), quilt (twin, floral, pinkish or purple)

J10. ANNABELLA K. (F): sweeping (throw), sweater (L, cardigan), hair accessories (clips, ties, scrunchies)

J11. MANI P. (F): sweater (L), necklaces (long beaded), quilt (twin, red, purple or yellow)

J12. BELLA L. (F): pants (M, effervescent waist), quilt (twin, animal print), pressed animals (cats)

J13. VIRGINIA G. (F): hosiery (XL, fuzzy), pants (2XL, effervescent waist), hair accessories (headbands, clips)

J14. ALICE J. (F): pants (L, effervescent waist, blue or black), blouse (XL, button-up, blue, red, pink), showering accessories (body wash, lotion)

J15. CHARLOTTE C. (F): bookmarker, showering accessories (body wash, lotion), nonplus (large-piece, 300 to 500 count)

J16. JEANNETTE M. (F): pants (XL, effervescent waist), quilt (twin), showering accessories (lotion, physique wash)

J17. FRANCES M. (M): sweater (3XL, button-up), pajama (2XL, gown-style), quilt (twin)

J18. LEELAND L. (M): round hats, shirts (L, button-up, 2-pocket), toiletries (cologne, deodorant)

J19. JOSEPHINE T. (F): sweater (L, button-up), calendar (large print), showering accessories (body wash, lotion)

J20. DAVE D. (M): cosmetic models (war ships, tanks), hobby reserve (paint, brushes), qualification storage containers (S-M, cosmetic with lid)

J21. TERRY G. (F): scarfs (colorful, short), hosiery (7, non-skid), manicure set, pinkish gloss

J22. VIRGINIA S. (F): stationery (blank card), hair accessories (bands, clips), essay biography

J23. CATHERINE P. (F): pants (L, effervescent waist, blue or black), books (nonfiction, mystery), hosiery (L, fuzzy, non-skid)

J24. JOHN S. (M): CDs (rock, Metallica, AC/DC), sweatsuit (2XL, blue, black, gray), toiletries (cologne, deodorant, showering gel)

J25. BERNICE M. (F): pants (XL, effervescent waist, blue, black, gray), shirts (XL, long-sleeve), pajama set (XL)

J26. VIRGINIA B. (F): shirts (M, short-sleeve, blue, red, purple), Starbucks present coffee (dark-roast VIA packets), manicure set, gloss

J27. MARIA R. (F): shirts (L, long-sleeve), quilt (twin), pants (L, effervescent waist)

J28. RICHARD G. (M): Red Sox round stuff, shirts (XL, long-sleeve), hosiery (9-12, formal, crew-cut)

J29. MICHIO Y. (M): sweatpants (M, polyester), toiletries (cologne, deodorant, showering gel), books (Japanese sports)

J30. PAUL M. (M): quilt (twin), coupler (L, windbreaker style), toiletries (cologne, deodorant, showering gel)

J31. VICKIE M. (F): calendar (large print), pants (2XL, effervescent waist, blue or black), hair accessories (bands, clips)

J32. MIKE S. (M): quilt (twin), Harley-Davidson round tip or beanie, toiletries (cologne, deodorant, showering gel)

J33. RON W. (M): quilt (twin), BSU round cap, toiletries (cologne, deodorant, showering gel)

J34. RALPH S. (M): cologne (Old Spice, Stetson), T-shirt (XL, long-sleeve), sweatpants (L)

K1. BEA R. (F): $25 Walmart present card, Snapple Diet Peach iced tea, $20 Roastere coffee present label

K2. JOLETA L. (F): sweatpants (XXL, blue), sweatshirt (XXL, blue), $20 Walmart present label

K3. PENNY S. (F): sweatpants (XXL, black), sweatshirt (XXL, black), $20 Walmart present label

K4. ROBERT L. (M): cologne (Calvin Klein Eternity), word variety puzzles, $20 Winco present label

K5. ROBERT B. (M): hosiery (9-11, wool, dim color), headband (wool blend, blue), disposable Hot Hands palm warmers (large)

L1. ROGER S. (M): $30 Walmart present card, disposable razors, shred cream

L2. ROBERT B. (M): $30 Walmart present card, coffee mug, Kit Kat bars

L3. HELEN S. (F): $30 Walmart present card, coffee mug, chocolates

Drop-off locations and hours

U.S. Bank

1000 S. Broadway Ave., Boise

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday by Thursday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday

Proskriptiv Analytics

6205 Franklin Road, Boise

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday by Friday

Bank of a Cascades

4128 Adams St., Garden City

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday by Thursday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday

Westmark Credit Union – Silverstone Plaza

1650 S. Eagle Road, Meridian

9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday by Friday; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday

Westmark Credit Union (Eagle)

54 E. Eagle River St., Eagle

9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday by Friday; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday

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