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November 4, 2014 - table lamp

Haslemere Clear Glass Chain Pendant Light, Laura Ashley.
Glass Wood Electric Pendant; Glass Wood Lamp; Tripod Table Lamp; Round Wire Pendant; Oval Wire Pendant, all Sainsburys.
Millard Flo match lights within a bespoke Woodstock Furniture kitchen.

– 03 Nov 2014

How we light a room is – maybe surprisingly – one of a many critical factors of a taste scheme. “Consider all a opposite levels of lighting in a room, from a roof lights and pendants, to uplighters and occasional lamps,” urges Josephine Bennett, conduct of home pattern during Laura Ashley. “All these aspects emanate opposite moods, that can be transmutable via a day and night. Large, matter list lamps emanate a genuine focal indicate in a room, and yield an insinuate light in a evening.”


The good thing about lighting is we can change into a latest looks yet spending a fortune. Obviously, a clear candelabrum or standout building square competence make a hole in your savings, yet a elementary shade or matter list flare can give a room a whole new demeanour – and give we change from a £20 note.

Copper is a vast prominence this season, and matches a autumnal palette perfectly.

“Contemporary copper lighting adds a stylish finishing hold to any decor,” says Rachel Small, Sainsbury’s home vital shopping manager. “Giving off a varnished glow, copper pendants emanate a thespian centrepiece for an ambient dining setting, while copper list lamps raise any vital space.”

Alicia Kaper, conduct of curation during Joss Main, totally agrees: “With a clocks going back, one of a many effective ways to move combined ambience to your home is by well-chosen lighting. Copper continues to power autarchic as ‘the’ steel of a moment, yet to get a kick-start on another pivotal element story, demeanour out for lighting done from weathered woods, that form a basement of a season’s complicated country look.”

Of course, stunning, exuberant styles are never going to go out of conform and always emanate an impact, and even light bulbs are appreciative now.

“Bulbs are no longer boring,” asserts Diane Simpson, lighting customer during John Lewis. “Calex bulbs demeanour distinguished with their CO filaments and can be hung from plain or phony cord to yield a retro feel to your home. Lee Broom’s operation of UK-made clear bulbs yield a ethereal and musical alternative, while Plumen have managed to make low appetite light bulbs demeanour great.”

BUY ME By Sainsbury’s Copper Finish Glass Wood Electric Pendant, £25, Sainsbury’s (large stores only)

  • Calex 35W ES Decorative Globe Bulb in Gold, £15, John Lewis (
  • Recla Floor Lamp, £165.95, Joss Main (
  • Heritage Extending Arm Wall Light (pictured above), £90, John Lewis (


With long, dim evenings quick approaching, and Christmas not that distant away, it’s a good time to concentration on creation bedrooms feel comfortable and cosy.

“Lighting is a ideal resolution to uplift an interior environment during gloomy months; how we select to irradiate your space will have a outrageous impact on both a demeanour and feel of your room,” says Katie Watson, interior engineer during Fishpools. “Get it right and lighting can move any space to life, adding character, as good as providing a appreciative enlightenment for a truly relaxing ambiance.

“Consider a duty of a space, though,” she continues. “It competence not be a many sparkling aspect, yet it’s critical to cruise by a unsentimental elements, as these will make all a disproportion when it comes to a finished look.”


Bedroom lighting should emanate a relaxing, welcoming ambiance, yet also be unsentimental and splendid when we need it.

“The pivotal to bedroom lighting is to deliver a accumulation of opposite options,” advises Watson. “While low-level lighting is a ideal approach to prepared your physique for sleep, we might wish something a small brighter while we get ready. A multiple of wall or roof lights and a bedside flare will assistance we find a change that’s right for you.

“For lampshades, silk fabrics are ideal for adding a lush hold to bedrooms, while entirely blown potion and sculpted steel bottom designs emanate a musical statement.”

BUY ME Haslemere Clear Glass Chain Pendant Light (pictured right), now on sale during £144 (was £180), Laura Ashley (

  • Adele Table Lamp in Champagne, £45, John Lewis (, styled by Phoebe Oldrey, owner of Smartstyle Interiors


Often, lighting can be a final thing to be deliberate in kitchen design. However, in sequence for it to duty perfectly, this space contingency be illuminated properly.

“Make certain we devise your lighting in a pattern stages,” recommends Andrew Hall, handling executive and arch engineer during Woodstock Furniture. “Your kitchen engineer should tailor your lighting and will mangle down solutions into a following pivotal areas – critical work stations, such as food credentials and cooking, ambient for a some-more loose spaces, such as dining, accent and decorative.”

BUY ME This luxury, bespoke kitchen from Woodstock Furniture facilities Millard Flo match lights (top right) to light a approach along a island unit, from a breakfast bar to a initiation hob. Kitchens cost from £30,000 including VAT (

  • Pascale Silver Vintage Pendant Light (pictured right), £33.99, My Furniture (


Lighting in a dining room can change in welfare from chairman to person. we like zero some-more than wining and dining in a dimly lit, regretful setting, no matter how many people are during a table, yet many cite a brighter setting.

“The change of lighting is key,” adds Watson. “You’ll need a lights dimmed adequate to emanate an atmosphere, yet not so dim that guest find it formidable to see their food. An beyond light, such as a candelabrum or thespian pendant, will make a fanciful addition. A few list lamps will also work nicely, yet be certain to cruise their chain to safeguard their heat doesn’t miscarry your room’s altogether mood.”

BUY ME Blue Chandelier Glass Lampshade (pictured right), £25 from George Home during ASDA (

  • Bermondsey Table Lamp in Oak, £100; Meriden Pendant Light in Charcoal, £90; Paris Pendant Light in Nickel, £45; Cadogan Pendant Light in Charcoal, £115; Small Cavendish Pendant Light in Chalk, £60, all Garden Trading (
  • Uto Pendant, from £307, Christopher Wray (; 020 7013 0188)


This is where lamps unequivocally come into their own. With so many shade and bottom designs available, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice. Pop a quirky pattern on a side list to make a articulate point, or subtly light a corners of a room, or a underline square of furniture.

“Floor lamps will also offer a good purpose in a companionable area like a vital room,” says Watson. “Whether positioned subsequent to a lounge or to lighten adult a dark, unexcited corner, many styles mix duty with a clever pattern aesthetic. They can also be changed around with ease, so we can adjust your lighting depending on a demeanour and feel we wish to create.

“Be clever to not over-light a space, as we might concede on a cosiness.


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