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May 5, 2018 - table lamp

Dream Weaver

We traditionally spend some-more time focusing some-more of a energies on a “public areas” of a home, than we do on a private spaces. 

When, law be told, we customarily spend some-more time (though a apportionment of it sleeping) in a private spaces.  Why not make them an oasis?  Here are a few ideas to assistance we do so.

Pretty, Meet Practical

I infrequently hear clients demonstrate that it’s not value it to splurge on good bedding, blind or rugs since there are children or pets in a home. But with today’s options, there unequivocally are fanciful bedding options that can be laundered instead of dry cleaned.

Consider one of my favorite lines, Pine Cone Hill, that is poetic and flattering many any object in a bedding line can go thru a washer and a dryer regularly.  And many do not even need ironing!  Take for instance a versatile matelassé that can emanate year turn comfort and gets softer with any wash!

For area rugs, cruise fake if there are pets or kids that are disposed to spilling.  In particular, area rugs that are done for “Indoor or Outdoor Use” can be quite durable and easy to purify up.


If pets and kids are a concern, name bedding that can be laundered for easy cleaning.

—Gazette print by Sasha Witte

And if covers are not an choice due to kids or pets, cruise equipment that lay aloft than a building such as woven blinds total with a fabric valance.  This can still offer some smashing hardness and tinge to your space.

Don’t Skimp on Sheets

You know how extraordinary it feels to penetrate into bed during a good hotel?  Crisp sheets, fuffy pillows, a quilt like a cloud…Make your possess bed feel equally indulgent though spending a fortune!

Invest in 100% healthy fiber sheets, such as string or linen (they are soft, breathable and prolonged lasting).  Also deposit in new pillows any integrate of years.

A mattress sham topper is a elementary approach to give an comparison bed new softness!


Layer textures and colors to emanate a pleasing master suite.

—Gazette print by Sasha Witte

Layer Texture

And tinge too!  Upholstered headboards are a good approach to supplement an additional covering of both tinge and texture.

Layered window treatments, contend a blind with a gossamer linen ideal behind it, is a shining approach to supplement and covering both hardness and tinge and to give yourself an event to emanate a volume of soothing or splendid light we wish to let into a room.

When meditative about a colors we are formulation to covering into a space, cruise loose colors that are generally relaxing to a senses – like dark greens, blues and soothing whites.

That being said, we’ve combined some amazingly resolutely colored bedrooms for clients that were ideal for them!  So, if we are gentle with bold, by all means do not feel singular to softer pale colors.  Go for what turns we on!!

Create a Focal Point


Every bedroom needs a focal point, a grate is always good or a collection of pleasing accessories.

—Gazette print by Sasha Witte

Every room likes during slightest one thespian element.  In a bedroom this is mostly a bed and a art above a headboard (not heavy!  We get earthquakes here!!)  Four print beds are also good for a tiny drama.  Or a dilemma conflicting a entrance doorway with an superb chaise lounge, artsy list and pleasing building flare can also emanate a thespian component that we will also suffer saying from a bed!!

Little Luxuries


Invest in tiny luxuries, like uninformed flowers for your bedroom.

—Gazette print by Sasha Witte

We don’t always need vast imagination floral arrangements or costly accessories to emanate a feeling of luxury.   I find that we mostly see and notice a sum of a smaller flower arrangements with only one or dual blooms that I’ll emanate than we do with a vast arrangement.

A lush chuck during a finish of a bed or chaise is a soothing sign of a comfort of a “blankie” in childhood.  Only it looks so many some-more sophisticated!!

Surround yourself with pleasing equipment that move adult pleasing memories.  Loved ones and landscapes from favorite vacations are in pleasing frames on my bedside list so that we go to nap and arise adult meditative about a best tools of my life!  we also have a favorite tiny sculpture on a list that creates me grin when we see it.

Candle lighting also adds a delightfully lush element!  Just be ultra-careful of chain or name battery operated candles for inside pleasing lanterns and hurricanes – that give we that same flickering outcome though though fear of fire.

Please All Your Senses

Consider a H2O underline possibly inside your master suite, or only outward one of your windows – H2O is impossibly relaxing for many of us!  Soft song can also have a identical outcome and should really be permitted in a master retreat!

And smell is a absolute approach of assisting us transition to a opposite and some-more loose mental state.  Consider lavender H2O or mist to give sheets a subtle, uninformed fragrance.  Candles are of march really effective too.  For me, soothing citrus fragrances always make me happy – though favorite scents are really sold to any of us.

Importance of Lighting


Lighting is of pinnacle significance in a bedroom to set a loose tinge and for unsentimental things like reading in bed.

—Gazette print by Sasha Witte

The Importance of Lighting is no were some-more critical than in a bedroom.

Make certain we have dimmers to control your light completely.  Bright when we are removing prepared and we need it and ultra-soft and low when we are looking to relax!

A good reading light is critical if we like to spasmodic review in bed.  Swing arm lamps offer a mobility that means we don’t have to review in a bound position.  When they are trustworthy to a wall as a reading sconce, they also don’t occupy space on a bedside table.  This is generally critical in a smaller bedroom space.

Think about your best hotel practice as we brainstorm about what ideas to exercise for your possess personal oasis.  And don’t slick on courtesy to a bedroom only since other people don’t customarily see it.

A bedroom has so many impact on a peculiarity of your life that your time and income are good spent here!

Sasha Witte can be reached at or (562) 434-8824.

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