Locals musicians play in respect of mislaid crony Jeff ‘Coutch’ Couture

October 19, 2018 - table lamp


Local musicians jam during a Shamrock pub in Gabriels Wednesday night in memory of their crony Jeff Couture, who was found passed during his home Monday. Seated from left are Jenny and Sarah Curtis, Tyler DeZago, Chloe Nott, Marion Hoelzel Addison Bickford and Keith Gorgas. Standing from left are Peter Crowley and Ben Hamelin.
(Enterprise print — Griffin Kelly)

GABRIELS — The Shamrock wasn’t cramped, though rather cozy. More than 50 bodies packaged together, and guitars poked elbows and ribs. Between building and roof it’s maybe usually 7-and-a-half feet. There was a ubiquitous persperate among everybody, though it was what they indispensable on a initial night of adhering snow.

It wasn’t a drink or a burgers. They came for Jeff “Coutch” Couture, a fiddler and carpenter who was found passed during his home Monday, and they memorialized him with good over 5 hours of songs.

At first, it was so swarming that a musicians there for a weekly Wednesday night jam — of that Coutch was a unchanging member — didn’t have their normal spot, a round of chairs in a dining room. Instead, they were positioned subsequent to a card cut-out of a sleet bunny and a men’s bathroom. The pool list was no longer a pool table. It acted some-more like a mom and dad’s bed during a Christmas party, a place for everybody to chuck their things — jackets, guitars, instrument cases soothing and hard, butts, a washboard with a difference “Sunny Land” printed opposite a top. A collection of stubby drink bottles and their unavoidable soppy rings are not accurately scold pool list etiquette, though it didn’t matter that night.

The players, bright usually by a neon drink pointer and a pool list flare that advertised Molson Canadian, took turns picking aged bluegrass, folk and nation tunes. The throng was full of informed faces, even if some haven’t played during a Wednesday night jam in years. These people see any regularly, though entertainment all in one sentimental plcae was something special.

Nigel Darrah kindly kick a bodhran, Alex Marklund picked his guitar, creation that singular face that on a aspect looks like fury though is indeed enjoyment. Jenny Curtis tapped and scratched a handle drumstick along a Sunny Land blemish board. Instead of sitting, cellist Dave Filsinger tied a vast fibre instrument to his front with a special nap tag he bought in Boone, North Carolina. His crawl sat in a vast slot attache to his waist like .44 Magnum in a holster. The male of a hour shabby Filsinger to play by ear. Russ Mulvey of a pitch jazz organisation Crackin’ Foxy plucked during a low strings of his stand-up bass. Taped to a side of a drum was a set list from a prior gig: “Egyptian Ella,” “Drinking Red,” “Nagasaki.” Ben Hamelin, a regular, hadn’t nonetheless picked adult his acoustic guitar. He wanted to give other people a possibility to play first.

From left, Addison Bickford, Alex Marklund, Marion Hoelzel and Brady Callan jam in a dilemma of a Shamrock pub in Gabriels Wednesday night in memory of their crony Jeff Couture, who was found passed during his home Monday.
(Enterprise print — Griffin Kelly)

Everybody took turns soloing. Even if you’re not a best musician, we try your best, and we don’t feel underneath a others. Sometimes it was tough to tell what a strain was, so players in a thick would spin around and uncover chords to players in a back.

I attempted to be as rare as possible, though a flashes from my Canon, a distance of my camera bag and my instinctual “right behind you”s from my days as a server somewhat alleviated that mystique.

After one strain finished, a pointy finger alarm came from a players. It was Shamim Allen. She plays guitar and sings in a Dust Bunnies and also co-owns a Fiddlehead Bistro usually dual doors down from my apartment.

“I consider we should take a impulse to conclude an Adirondack gentleman, who’s not here.” She hesitated. “Well, he is here.”

With eyeglasses and bottles raised, a throng said, “To Coutch,” and all took a sip.

People in a behind wondered because a high male was essay in his reporter’s notebook.

Sure, grief and grief hung in a atmosphere like fume in a residence fire, though Coutch’s friends stayed underneath it, charity any other hugs and smiles like a soppy rag. You could never hear a full review between his friends, though by incidentally held difference — gentle, kind, wonderful, magical, sweet, talented, considerable — we can kind of square together who Coutch was and what he meant to decades of Adirondack artists.

Allen described him as a enchanting fibre player.

“He would take a guitar and play it upside down and back like Hendrix,” she said. “You routinely saw him with a guitar or a fiddle, though one day he usually picked adult a cello and was shining during it.”

Coutch came adult to Paul Smith’s College for aloft preparation in a 1970s and never left. Like so many before and after him, a Adirondacks became his home. He helped form internal bands such as a Old Mountain String Band and North Branch. He was a common and useful person, a form of male who would work a sound residence during BluSeed Studios and stay out past midnight to mangle down tents and purify adult after Hobofest. He usually incited 60 in September, though his change and loyalty lingered between generations.

“I usually knew him for 10 years,” Filsinger said. “Only” didn’t seem like a scold modifier to me when followed by “10 years.”

“It sounds long, though Mary Lou Reid has famous him for roughly 40,” Filsinger said.

Local people younger than we posted commemorative comments on Facebook to Coutch. we didn’t know a male myself, though after saying a picture, we remembered he was a male with a ponytail we would see during a Waterhole from time to time.

Helen Demong, a late outspoken song clergyman during Saranac Lake High School, looked during a perfect series of people who showed adult for a commemorative jam and simply said, “You can tell he was loved.”

source ⦿ http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise.com/news/local-news/2018/10/locals-musicians-play-in-honor-of-lost-friend-jeff-coutch-couture/

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